Sunday, November 19, 2006

SUNdays of our lives!

Sundays just couldn’t get better…a normal Sunday at my place is when I’m fast asleep with the bed-sheet covering each inch of my body and Im sumwhere in between the place of sound sleep and waking up.

Then comes the sound of the radio songs which BINGGGG in my ear and I hear mum calling….. “NIDHIIIIIII uthh rahi hai ke nai!!!!!!”
And me???...Ha!!!..*snoreee*

Its yet another cleaning day!!!! Waise when it comes to mom, everyday is a cleaning day..but Sunday is a time when I have to straighten up right from (oh wait! I don’t wake up that early)…I mean from morning to night!! Other days it jus might be the time when she gets back home from work!

When it comes to the cleanliness factor in my family.. its just me for whom the bookshelf, the cupboard, the shoe rack are just places to keep “things”!!! and as the common saying, in my context, goes “whatevers lost at home will be found in my cupboard”..which happens to be true as well!!!

Anyways coming back to Sundays!
All what I wanna do is ‘taal-o-fy’ the whole thing to another holiday… how bout Independence Day!?
And at times it gets a little serious at home n that’s when mum n dad wanna make me understand that its time I learn to keep homes clean…and up goes the volume of the television n im tryin to subdue moms n dads lectures into the sound of a freaky English interview of Rakhi Sawant!
When will I learn!!!..though I know whatever they say is soo true! always is isn’t it?? my rude connotations, obviously in my mind, always follow. but to be a little faithful to them they actually tell the truth..damn!!!

At some point of time im always gonna miss those lectures and realize how true they were!
But for the time being im gonna miss delhi..dun wanna go to MUMBAI!! NOOOOOO..waaaaaaaaaaaa :’(
Huh!!!! N dat tooo for fuckinnnn 10 days!!! (haw did I jus swear…might be the hangover of the fucking movie DEPARTED!)
I know a thousand heads would be wanting to swear at me as it’s the sooo called great fuck (oops I mean FLICK)
but such movies aren’t my cup of tea!
So helll with those people who loved it
Fuck yourself!!!!!
(might seem like a desperate attempt to write another blog...As if I care!!!!)