Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This comes from a 20 yr old to be graduate

The above line doesn't give me any difference to sound like a 20 year old and neither a graduate. Life's so stupid!

The fact that COLLEGE finished gave me a huge scare before my last exam- it was like ---huh?? N i dun even feel m outta school yet. what crap! I called a very old friend yesterday, it was her birthday, to be clear cut precise- her 21st birthday. And I know as october comes people will call ME up on MY 21st birthday!! *frowning on teenage *. I always dreamed of being 18- nothing much about it but y'know how stereotyped 18 its been 2 years its gone. I didnt mind 20 too. ah they're just numbers by the way (damage control).

I'm planning to join dance classes from 5th may...I just don't wanna sit idle. I wanted to join tennis as well- but one thing at a time..I dun wanna break my bones all at once. It'll be fun!!

I have a few entrances coming up for JNU. After I saw the campus I was like I wanna study ONLY here but nobody's gonna wait for me with an aarti plate there. I'll have to earn it. But who'll study for the entrances??? I will I know. Otherwise I'm nowhere.

I also want to work for a magazine for sometime. After a lil brainstorming I wondered that I could enjoy it as a profession! again no aarti thali there too for me! No one cares for humanity I tell you!

But I'm in love with my new haircut. I love the place where I got it cut from. The guy was faaaantasssstic! I'm going back there soon! Neha n me have to go to janpath soon to shop titsie bitsie stuff.. but the weather is crappy..

N dis blog sucks...what an update reminder.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Keep Bleeding..Keep Keep Bleeding!!!

No I didn't fall off the stairs!
I heard Leona Lewis sing this song on A-Idol yesterday...loved it!
So I'm grooving to the beats of it.

My lassssssssst exam is stttttillll left!!! I DoOn't feel like writing anymore. I'm so full of Wisdom these days. I'm talking some pseudo-shit to people these days. Hung up with Literature.

Remembering from the title of the song.....
I had a really weird Dream-Nightmare last night. Someone was murdered or it was a suicide ( I have no idea who he was) and I was called for interrogation. There were blood spatters n some gruesome faces of people crying, there was a horse (no connection but I did see a horse). And finally I was haunted by a girl in the dream. Weird!!... coz the person murdered was a Boy.

The funniest part- a lady showed me a gun with which the suicide/murder was committed. It was orange in colour. seemed like a holi ki pichkari. LOL!!

But I was really scared when I woke up. I still remember the girl's face. Now I always have weird dreams of murder and apocalypse. Sometimes I see the whole world is burning, sometimes flooding, sometimes I'm running from people who wanna kill me. lol


I'm missing my blog these days. Have so much to's been intense in here. Intense in a very ironical way. Shut up Priyanka. uuh yeah!

I was reading a line from one of my contemporary poets in my course. It just connects to everybody. I liked the line.

"Love is so Short. Forgetting is so Long."
~Pablo Neruda from Tonight I can write~

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Best Teachers teach from the heart and not from the book. ~ Author unknown
It might sound like an exaggerated sentence but the one thing I have learnt in being a literature student is the amount of respect we build for knowledge, more precisely, Wisdom. And I didn't want to leave my college without paying thanks to a teacher who did teach from his heart. The immense knowledge he restores in him is not even the least in me but one day he said that I had potential.
So I thought that if nothing else, atleast I'll let him know that he is one of those teachers as in the afore said saying.

Priyanka: Hello Sir. i wanted to thank you once before college ends for all that you have taught and helped. I'll always look up to you as you have been the best teacher for me. Thank you sir.

Sir: Thanks a ton. I will always remember your inquisitive look and the use of online dictionary. I always wanted to tell you two things (1) "The golden rule is that there is no golden rule." In other words, one cant lay down rules for you. So when someone defies your potential tell them this (2) "Try to get what you like or you are forced to like, what you get" - Bernard Shaw.
Take care and be in touch.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Took a Time-0out!

Ha! it seems as if I'm applyin for IIT or something.

Anywayjj, its exam time, final exams of my final year in college. crap!

Been busy with books and some other things I'm not supposed to be doin a lot these days. watched Race- pretty nice!

My exams are in 12 days n Im reading a novel NOW. Frankenstein. I kinda excel in studying at the last moment so thats ok! as i say- ok!

dunno how to put the next sentence up but lemme try

Valued some stuff lately and devalued some other stuff lately. Can't really imagine the self-absorbedness of some paranoids. I also realise that the subservience part is true. But what some people think about it is also true and for once I do appreciate myself for this little thing about me that I help people minus the selfishness. Why don't some people get it?

Couldn't possibly have another interpretation of the above para. Its an initiative you see!

I have the habit of sounding confused all the time.

here I go again.

Books again. Ta!