Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's sunday! big deal...sunday my foot!

I'm kinda outta tune. Uninterested, crapped up, etc etc.
Not exactly a bad thing because I dunno why am I feeling this way. Maybe coz I was pissed yesterday and that got me know something new about me too. I'm dumb!

Anyways, lecturers are so stewwwpidd!!!! not all but this one who got me all arghhh yesterday, sure is! she is a bitch! Couldnt even wait a second for me to come despite me calling her thrice. bloody hell!

Today Sunday feels idiotic, useless and nonsense. Though I have made it productive by reading The Kite Runner at a good pace, I think I'll finish it today. It's a pretty novel. I'll write some sweet stuff from it but not now.

Two more days of college. Then its all over. Well, I don't care!
But yeah, me finishing college (read growing older)? Big Deal! And I care!
But I have good plans next.
1. I wanna complete a good eductaion, get a job, be financially independent, then Aish karo!
2. Get married to a rich guy. lol. Who can pay all my bills. Love? ya it'll do!
3. I guess number 2 explains it all!

Girls!!!! I tell you!
But number 1 is what I want. rest is hehehe!

Takes a good deal to enlighten my day!