Thursday, May 03, 2007

Now What??
Just 3 days since examz got over n m bored!!
I just watched a movie i had lyin in my room since ages...gud one! shradha called she's startin wid her Mba classes soon..gud gud, upasana IM'd, she's joining aerobics- why-she's already tiny!! anyways and Me?? ha ha ha!
I am so blah-ed with blogging now... i watch it everyday waiting for some miracle to happen..!!
I have to figure out what am i gonna do these 4 mnths?????
well for now i am lukin frwrd to this weekend ... I wanna chillout!
by the way I could ask gaurav fr NFC tomo???? hmmmm
hey if ur reading r u game for it???
temme temmme???
I'll jus go watch friends- watched a zillion times but.....
*i'll be there for you...*
I better wake up at 10 tomo, nishant wud go on n on with his *tsk tsk tsk* othawise!!!