Sunday, May 25, 2008


I jotted down a to-do list in the memo of my phone last night, thinking of all those nice and interesting things I could do the next day keeping me 'busy'. 'Busy' i am writing about it and also saying I did nothing out of them. But yesterday was a nice fun day after a long time. Went to Janpath- didnt shop much, actually didnt shop at all!- but still, had fun.

The Daredevils won the match yesterday...phew! I hope they make it to the semis. Wow, IPL is too good these days. Also Roland Garros French Open begins today, so I'll be glued to it. I wish I would've been a Tennis Player. ha!

The Aarushi Murder case is getting mysterious by the day. I just want to know who did it. If the parents are involved then shame on them. The mother came out in the open yesterday, the media say she's hiding something. God knows whats happening. I hope Aarushi's soul rests in peace.

Nothing much!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I don't get it....

I'm just doing anything these days- blowing bubbles, putting hot pink nail paint (lol), watching India-TV (yuck), most of all I have become a negative persona, I don't want to become that, I think the whole pressure of MBA-shit is taking me nowhere, I don't think its an obvious mandatory thing to do these days, maybe it is or maybe not. No, it is!


But I just want to subside the whole issue and look at myself. I have to think straight now.. Ive had enough shit from enough people this year (this has nothing to do with the above mentioned stuff by the way). I have a life! I have my own ways and principles in life, I don't have to plead to people for things I want. I wish my life had been My way. wish granted. My Life is going to be MY way now!

See again!

(Too many comas in here)
See you!

Friday, May 09, 2008


A few days back I told Neha that I'm so happy we've had the perfect happy childhood in our life. We've done all those things that a childhood asks for. We've had 'gully gangs' where we were the sultans of our street. 'Live together die alone' types. We had cycling groups, badminton teams, cricket championships, Christmas celebrations, Diwali booms and bangs- and counting the trash we had made the next day. The density of the trash brought immense pleasure. Monsoon dances and pushing people in the puddle.
The gang was huge and we've played sports right from 'fire in the mountain' to 'dodge ball' to the nerve cracking 'gully cricket'. We collected the petty cash from all the kids and bought a volley ball and played till it got worn out. We played 'gallery' and 'kho-kho' that used to take the whole street up, we used to hit people with 'maaran pitti' (funny name), 'pithhu' was our favorite game.
We have created havoc in our neighbourhood by breaking windows and we've teased old aunties for not returning our balls back. We've mixed her mirchies and dhaniya that were kept for sun-drying. It was all so much fun. I doubt kids today experience all that.
But I just can't forget the days when electricity blackouts were the reason for every kid in the street to run outta there homes and play hide and seek. We've hid ourselves in nastiest of places and sneakiest of corners just for the love of the game. Damn! inverters and generators have ruined our lives. ahem.
All that is lost somewhere now... but the thought of it makes me happy. Makes me think my childhood has not been wasted.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Everything will be All right!!!!

When people say that 'Everything will be allright!!!' Do they really mean it or its just a saying that has become meaningless crap giving people a fraction of what- satisfaction??

Not really!

No one has said that to me..but I know that'll be what is supposed to be said...supposed!

I want to get involved in any ordeal to take me away from all of it- every bit of it! But all I have is a lot of void around me and this space makes me want to go back to where I hear my conscience say it over n over again- Everything will be alright!

Maybe coz I know it will not...

It is even more difficult because what I exactly wanna write I can't, because who I want this to read will not. And probably not get it too!

I will appreciate truth to make me sad than a pack of lies to make me happy.....or maybe it is not even the way I'm thinking it to be. It could be vice versa!

Not many people think I'm worth all that! (its a big shut up for me now)