Sunday, November 19, 2006

SUNdays of our lives!

Sundays just couldn’t get better…a normal Sunday at my place is when I’m fast asleep with the bed-sheet covering each inch of my body and Im sumwhere in between the place of sound sleep and waking up.

Then comes the sound of the radio songs which BINGGGG in my ear and I hear mum calling….. “NIDHIIIIIII uthh rahi hai ke nai!!!!!!”
And me???...Ha!!!..*snoreee*

Its yet another cleaning day!!!! Waise when it comes to mom, everyday is a cleaning day..but Sunday is a time when I have to straighten up right from (oh wait! I don’t wake up that early)…I mean from morning to night!! Other days it jus might be the time when she gets back home from work!

When it comes to the cleanliness factor in my family.. its just me for whom the bookshelf, the cupboard, the shoe rack are just places to keep “things”!!! and as the common saying, in my context, goes “whatevers lost at home will be found in my cupboard”..which happens to be true as well!!!

Anyways coming back to Sundays!
All what I wanna do is ‘taal-o-fy’ the whole thing to another holiday… how bout Independence Day!?
And at times it gets a little serious at home n that’s when mum n dad wanna make me understand that its time I learn to keep homes clean…and up goes the volume of the television n im tryin to subdue moms n dads lectures into the sound of a freaky English interview of Rakhi Sawant!
When will I learn!!!..though I know whatever they say is soo true! always is isn’t it?? my rude connotations, obviously in my mind, always follow. but to be a little faithful to them they actually tell the truth..damn!!!

At some point of time im always gonna miss those lectures and realize how true they were!
But for the time being im gonna miss delhi..dun wanna go to MUMBAI!! NOOOOOO..waaaaaaaaaaaa :’(
Huh!!!! N dat tooo for fuckinnnn 10 days!!! (haw did I jus swear…might be the hangover of the fucking movie DEPARTED!)
I know a thousand heads would be wanting to swear at me as it’s the sooo called great fuck (oops I mean FLICK)
but such movies aren’t my cup of tea!
So helll with those people who loved it
Fuck yourself!!!!!
(might seem like a desperate attempt to write another blog...As if I care!!!!)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Better Late than never!

i know i have covered a huge journey since the day i should have written this but so what- its still afresh in my mind.

Back then, everything just happened- i didnt even get the time the digest the fact that my sister was gonna get married! dumbstruck at this news i still managed to stay as calm as i could. but every morning when i woke up i kept realising that soon one half of our room was gonna be empty!

All this while i have been used to her whining of me intruding her wardrobe, i've been used to her morning sneezes- which happened to be my alarm clock- one sneeze-2nd sneeze-3rd sneeze-4th sneeze-all in a go!!! *oh its morning*!!!, then bangs at the bathroom door when both used to get late for school, blaming each other for creating a mess at home when mum n dad used to get back from work.

how can i forgot those fights- stupid cranky fights. we both might have fought for every possible thing on this earth. be it a chewing gum, a nail-paint, i also remember being locked out of home because i broke her lipstick!, slamming doors at each other...ask our doors they have had to be repaired for this!! our arguements which Neha was always gud at..i merely copied her! the time when i had just learnt a new word "shut-up", i kept using it at whatever she accused me for!

loud music at home- we both dancing like stupids!, making jokes with mom!...we've done sooo much together, but all i got was 17 yrs to live with her!..believe me its not enough!

coming back to the astounding news of she being engaged- well things did change a lot after that- i might say my life took a turn!! i started taking life seriously after that! so there was gonna be a person who will mean the world to curiousity to who the person was..was not much!! ofcourse i knew who he was...and ofcourse i took the advantage of being the younger sister!!..(ahem). though i had known him for ages, i never got a chance to form an opinion of him and suddenly i become the most important person to judge him!!! hmm felt proud of myself holding one responsibility!

since their engagement we both had 1 yr together, my 16yrs apart and that 1 yr apart!! its all a different story! now would you believe people who've fought for a tiny chewing gum never even argued in that 1 yr...and also after that!

shame on sisterhood (hehe) but its worth it! we both have never been that close EVER! to the times when her life remained in her and mine in we both look for reasons to call each other n tell all whats been on and off in our day to day lives! our relatives roll their eyes to see us so close..with pouncing questions of "are they the same sisters?" and ofcourse Gaurav has played a major role in this binding! thanks is the word!

sometimes at night i still look at the empty side of my bed, sometimes i lay down an extra plate during supper forgetting that its just the three of us now!, but happy with the fact that she lives jus a 10 minute drive away!

she has indeed been a hell of a sister !!!! *applause*


What gives me the inspiration to ACTUALLY create a blog is something that isn’t even a part of my life. It’s someone I haven’t ever met; I don’t even talk to and while looking at her piece of writings (which I considered eccentric) I give a silly frown and shut her blogs!!! But it’s an inexplicable phenomenon which makes people having no connection between them learn something from each other-well maybe in my case its one sided-but whatever!

So here I begin with my very first blog!

Oh and there’s a warning too!
I might not sound too smart by writing this crap, as while writing I might not realize that I’m a bloody English honors student(Oh yes I’m flaunting it out aloud), and writing crap like this doesn’t exactly denote that I’m on a path of wisdom by pursuing this course!

I had actually picked up a pen long time back n scribbled- scribbled in happiness, in agony, in pain, in frustration- scribbled a hell lot…now when I read it, its pure GIBBERISH to me, but this time I think that after a million attempts to maintain a blog I should just continue! I’ll save some pen inks at least!
Believe me writing is FUN and sometimes it’s the best way to blurt out your feelings!

So if by any teeny-weeny chance there are people who actually read my blogs!!-GOD BLESS THEM- BLESS EM’ALL!!