Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Best Teachers teach from the heart and not from the book. ~ Author unknown
It might sound like an exaggerated sentence but the one thing I have learnt in being a literature student is the amount of respect we build for knowledge, more precisely, Wisdom. And I didn't want to leave my college without paying thanks to a teacher who did teach from his heart. The immense knowledge he restores in him is not even the least in me but one day he said that I had potential.
So I thought that if nothing else, atleast I'll let him know that he is one of those teachers as in the afore said saying.

Priyanka: Hello Sir. i wanted to thank you once before college ends for all that you have taught and helped. I'll always look up to you as you have been the best teacher for me. Thank you sir.

Sir: Thanks a ton. I will always remember your inquisitive look and the use of online dictionary. I always wanted to tell you two things (1) "The golden rule is that there is no golden rule." In other words, one cant lay down rules for you. So when someone defies your potential tell them this (2) "Try to get what you like or you are forced to like, what you get" - Bernard Shaw.
Take care and be in touch.