Sunday, May 25, 2008


I jotted down a to-do list in the memo of my phone last night, thinking of all those nice and interesting things I could do the next day keeping me 'busy'. 'Busy' i am writing about it and also saying I did nothing out of them. But yesterday was a nice fun day after a long time. Went to Janpath- didnt shop much, actually didnt shop at all!- but still, had fun.

The Daredevils won the match yesterday...phew! I hope they make it to the semis. Wow, IPL is too good these days. Also Roland Garros French Open begins today, so I'll be glued to it. I wish I would've been a Tennis Player. ha!

The Aarushi Murder case is getting mysterious by the day. I just want to know who did it. If the parents are involved then shame on them. The mother came out in the open yesterday, the media say she's hiding something. God knows whats happening. I hope Aarushi's soul rests in peace.

Nothing much!