Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!
I wanted to write the same song for her that I wrote before from TZP but its just a li'l too senti....n I don't wanna make myself and her cry!!
I am planning to bake her chocolate chip brownies, which I have never ever attempted to bake ever, they'll either be bad or they'll It's worth a try! She's high on sugar so she doesn't really get much of the sweet to I thought what the hell its her birthday and she loves brownies.
I just hope they bake well and yummy.....

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Have your hands ever ached after writing a 3 hour long exam?
It was freakin freezin cold on the 21st and writing non ishhtop and on top of that the silly invigilater couldn't even close the damn door....idiot!

But its over....thats what means the most.

Uske Baad...

I've been reading a bunch of frontlines, really wanna score well in the International relations exam from JNU- Ive kinda dreamed to be working in one of the embassies- seems too silly a saying right now but thats how it will begin. Aussie open is one of the fav things right now - Just saw this amazing player beat the number 2 seed, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga- gosh how amazing does he play!!
I wanna see him pound down!!!

Blogs? Ah well its been so long since I've written and even now nothing specific is on ma mind, I'm just writing and writing..

Most of all....

Lately, after being intimidated by the number of books we have read in our college times (even my college is goin to get past in another 3 months, how tht scares me to death) , me n Neha have suddenly got interested by them all over again- she has bought quite a number of em and has cutely laid em down in her bookshelf above her bed, makes you wanna read em more and buy em more....I'm serious!!!

But apart from that I think books are the most knowledgeable things, you can learn so much and it almost never makes you go outta touch of literature. Enough said.

Anyways I'm gonna start off with the bestseller now, heard so much about it and I hope I do read it with full interest. I have a bad habit of starting a novel and stopping it and starting it all over. The book is:

It isn't yet too late to read it, the second one is out too A Thousand Splendid Suns. Will read it after this one.
But the big question is still in my head. What now? Ab kya? what after 3 yrs of graduation are over.????
I'll be running mad soon!!!
Till then

Sunday, January 06, 2008


That's the latest I've been wide awake for studying and I guess haven't ever studied beyond that..yeah even for boards!! Boards were useless. I think the real knowledge lies in reading literature and what comes in spiriting your mind with 'knowledge' is beyong words.

I have learnt a lot from literature, its so soothing at times- it tells you the most complicated of things in the simplest ways and sometimes beautifully. Sons and Lovers By Lawrence will be i think one of the best I've read till date and ofcourse Jane Eyre.

I was reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf that day, its not as bad as it seems and is hyped but takes a lot. I had no time to really finsh it since its just 4 days to exam time so fatafatfatafat..i had to finish it....i'll read it again after exams. But I took out this time to note down a few lines in my small blue diary about a solitary traveller, his motive and why does he wish to be ....a solitary traveller.

By conviction an atheist perhaps, he is taken by surprise with moments of extraordinary exaltation. Nothing exists outside us except a state of mind, he thinks; a desire for solace, for relief, for something outside, these miserable pigmies, these feeble, these ugly, these craven men and women.
Mrs Dalloway- Virginia Woolf

I loved this part!!!

I didn't exactly mean to dedicate a blog to literature but thats my state of mind these days...i don't wanna come outta the pile of books right now, I wanna enjoy it....

man I suck!!!

later... till I'm back in senses.