Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No titles plz!

Remember the last time you felt the need to cry....
Try to rememba the reason to why you did and just have some analysis of it n figure out if it was really worth your tears!!

To why I am saying this is because I cried last night...reason?? well its too complicated...its nuthin related to me as in physically but mentally--hell yess!!!
And it won't really be worth mentioning and, well, not even appreciated on a public blog but just so that my frustration is thrown on my black keyboard I'm doing this.
All i can say is that sometimes handling an unnecessarily loaded pressure is just out of my head. I flip out- I behave like a psycho!
I guess most of us do.

Why can't you live life coolly, like as if theres no freakin thing that can make you ever think that it's not worth living. There are times when you need to be serious but .....cutttttttt it!!!

M not talkin bout it. Still I can't help but be a part of the whole testimony. (It affects my life a hell lot- can't explain....DAMN)


Nice song playing - music is just beautiful, makes u enter another world (thats not the name of the song by the way)
Just watched coyote ugly (*guessin* 15th time)- i Luv this light hearted flick and the guy in it is hmmmm *smitten*...
All my frenz have bizarre news fr me.
Anuradha's Dad is gettin a prestigious award n dey r goin fr a holiday to Europe n US
Shradha's sis jus got engaged (happy happy)
Poor Upasana jus got a neck surgery done (man i was shocked to hear but now she's okay)- Take care shorty!!

I will finally visit Aditi at her place- man we've been so unfair. She lives in charmwood and me and Anuradha always yawned at the thought of visiting her so far off, but guess its too much now and on friday we both'll visit her.
The three of us had been always close in school but there were serious interruptions in our school life by sum paranoid ppl. Now we three realise hw cud we be their frenz! haha m bein too selfish- love it!. And all of a sudden after 10th grade we all ver in different schools but still hv been in touch and been the same frenz- telling u guys its hard to maintain friendship splly after you all hav diff ways to go ahead in life.

Anyways seems I've tortured my keyboard a lot now