Friday, January 05, 2007

happy 5 days old "new" year!!!

so 2007 is here!!!!! yaay! wat do i do????
waiting for college to open!!! so baaaaddd!!! fed up sittin at home!...all the whitewash all the jing bang!! its soo boringgg...sit up in one room n kaam chalao anyhow!! cant go out! i missed so many gud movies!!! wanted to see kabul express!! heard its bombed in india..but i know its gonna b nice!
n guess wat adds to more BORIYAT...cable's screwed!!!!! that was our welcome to 2007- a blacked out television set!
with only news channels!! swear to god iv never seen so much news in my life ever! and it seems they all just got one thing to do dese days..match kundli of aishwarya rai n abhishekh bachhan-"mere hisaab se abhishek ke liye yeh saal shaadi ke liye shubh hai" gimme a fuckin break!!! i was sooo tossed up!!! WAKE UPPPP N SHOWW SENSE PLZZZ!!!! they arnt gonna invite u anyhow!! so stop chamchagiri!
set top box my foot!

anyways! new yr eve was nice! missed dost!!
but at d end it got scary too..we nearly got stuck in midst of was tooo fogggy...n brrrrr-inngg cold...never driving in fog again!!!

read an old mail saved in my inbox today..its like 2 yrs old and the funniest of alll, its a conversation i saved bak then..cheezy guy cheezy stuff! but..i jus open it and read it sumtimes to hav a gudlaugh!!! imagining hw can some people be like that!!
school time stuff! in some way school WAS fun.. all the things that used to happen! gossip and discussions n messing with our class teacher! oh gawd bullied her like hell! she was actually scared of her students!..i miss deeksha!! her cute laugh!
I wanna go fr the alumni only to meet my friends... its happenin soon. looking forward for it!
anyways the big thing comin up is college n my result fr the semester!!..hope i'd performed well!!!
wishing myself luckk