Tuesday, May 01, 2007


2 blogs in a day...i really must be bummed!
well I love bloggin so doesn't matter.

This Crappy orkut business is taking my life now. It's become so monotonous. And I mean I have this hugeeee msg written in my profile in CAPS and still they don't get it....bloody ch**iya ppl (sorry).
Its so bloody irritating... everytime i log in i have to delete-delete-delete all those cheeezy guys with lame msgs of *i wanna friend you* (yaaa thats what they write).and another mr. chaman with"hey i like ur profile will u be my friend" yeah right!! you think!!??...and it gets better with *Hi PINKI, will you be my friend....* (what the bloooody hell is wrong with you!!!!!)
PINKI?????? saala tatti kahinka. bhow bhow dog...wo bhi black waala.
I think i need a DEVNAGRI script on orkut for all those who can't read english...hey bhagwaan!!

was just watching Lola Kutty on V...she is so funny!!!! the way she goes "ollraaight"...naariyal paani n all that stuff...too innovative!!
hey i just realised i wrote a boring blog this morning! when did i start a conquest for knowledge on American tribes eh?? *making an ugly face*

Tv has gone idiot...shows nuthin...huh!!
weather's idiot too...the sun can't just stop shining only!..huh!
"everyone idiot"
BYE (*slammmm!!!*)

Estoy libre!
I'm free!

So nothing else matters?

well i don't know. Im too clumsy to write right now but i just saw that my silly upar pankha chalta hai blog is so irritating so just wanted to make another blog...I dont really delete what I write.
Stupid principles!
been spendin a lotta worthless time on beautifyin my blog- I love the punkymoods...so qweeet...hehe!

Just came across something really interesting but weird.

The Navajo (A Tribe in America) believe that there are two types of rain, one is a female rain. The female rain is very quiet, calm, gentle, and soothing. When dark clouds begin to form lightning, it becomes the male rain. Male rain can be rough, and it is not as pleasant as the female rain.
This is a male rain

hmm ...so talking of males and females-

I just read the so called greatest epic "Paradise Lost" -story of Adam and Eve ( part of my shitty syllabus).The author seems to have had some pleasure in defaming women. bah whatever. Men always boast out their good for nothing EGO. They just have an intrinsic tendency to do that.
but still it was interesting...Just caught hold of a para from it. Spoken by the first MAN...Adam-

"Thus it shall befall
Him who to worth in women overtrusting
Lets her will rule; restraint she will not brook,
And left to herself, if evil thence ensue,
she first his weak indulgence will accuse."

It means that the fate of every man will be ruined who trusts the work of a woman and allows her to have free will...