Thursday, October 11, 2007

So, I'm twenty!!

Its gone.....Allll gone.....the teenage is over now!!! uwaaaaaahhhh!

Well so is the brooding..err MOURNING- i have to get used to it now, I'd rather start behaving like an adult. People tell me that I don't act my age- I wonder if thats said in a nice way or a bad way...

There's lots that i wish to do now: I wanna change my dressing sense, my attitude, I wanna grow up a li'l bit, wanna kill someone (yes i so do... don't wanna name that creature), wanna start taking my eductaion seriously, wanna become responsible, wanna stop being the 'Emotional Fool' queen....crap!

Right now?
I wanna shut the fuck up with this nonsensical figment of imagination.

I loved my 20th birthday- I was climbing Vaishno Devi and hyperventilating (not complaining-its all worth it). But it was amazing- first i get to cut a brownie at CCD there and celebrate, then, I get to see the Ind-Aus match at bhawan on a black n white miniature tv with a hell lotta strangers and shout on our win- it was soooo coool!!! Not to forget the Darshan- It might sound lame to a lotta people (err aliens) but i had an amazing time!! barefoot on the cold stone pathway-brrrr! its crazily soothing.

Can you believe it? 7 big years of teenage are gone, vanished, disappeared, departed, GONE!!!!!!
oh well let me just stop the melodrama now and accept the fact tht I'm twenty!

Today is Mum Dads 27th Marriage Anniversary- I didnt do anything spl- ashamed *red* but they like it simple!! so happppy anniversary to them!!!!