Sunday, June 03, 2007


Fuck Hell--> my immediate reaction when I came to know I missed my first recording...
I had a smile on my face but I was pissed off as well, mixed emotions you know.

Anyways I will get a call soon- as the Rj its cool!!

Mom and Tennis...
It's Roland Garros time!! I love watching Tennis, a few years back I didn't even know the T of Tennis...all I knew was that there was something called a miniature clue to why was it there in the game but it existed.
Now I know Everything from T to the S of it, so I love the game. It's Fun!!
Y'kno whats more fun...watching it with mom, she loves the game too but she has her interests in the cute blue and pink frocks of Sharapova and Vaidisova.
Yesterday during Hewitt's and Nieminen's match she saw Nieminen n said "aye haye chua sa lag raha hai!!!!" and then saw Hewitt n said "isko to chaar din se khaana nahi mila!!!" loll
She likes Federer!!--me too!!

The Sane Nonsense...
Anyways I'm gonna be Back to college tomo again being the reporter comma radio one campus Rj...I hope its a better weather man, the sun is sooo happily shining these days!!!

I made a nice friend frm the lot of campus Rj's...hoping she isn't like "others"...but there was one thing common among us- we both want to be independent from the shadows of those who call us our friends but aren't actually!
And you know what, Just be what you are, be the one you are proud of being, be independent, be confident of being alone, because one day you'll be stranded-you'll have nowhere to go and that'll be the day You will be Your best friend- It might have happened in your life, It might still happen in your life- Learn to be alone, become good, no, great friends with yourself.

Profundity- I have lived almost 20 yrs of my life- had amazing friends, good friends, nice friends and even ones who i can say i was in a diplomatic friendship with, but I am still not confident enough to call anyone my ultimate BEST friend- I am not exactly complaining- I love my Life, and I live it happily. I Don't abide by the maxim of a best friend, I think that one has him/her eventually!!

ah well- it really is easy to speak shit isn't it!!!

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Today's fortune:
He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals