Thursday, November 27, 2008

Long time, yet again!!

There are a lot of things keeping me busy these days, seriously a lot of things! I did not have time to even think of stuff I could write in my blog, but since this is a part of my life now, decided to shell out at least 5 minutes to it today and obviously I am taking more time than that. Anyway, Stirling is treating me well. It snowwwweeeeeeeeeeeeddd here!!! awesome, amazing, lovely, etc etc. I'll add a pic too in the end of this blog.

Heard about Mumbai yesterday, felt so disgusted at those bloody damn terrorists, they should be handed over to the people and beaten to death. And bomb their home. kill everyone!

A few days ago I realised that I have indeed grown up here, as in learnt to deal with things. Trust me living alone helps. In the past, I had cribbed about things I had to let go, I did not think at those moments but what I think the most difficult thing to do is live without family, everything else is just nothing! Life really moves on. Somehow, I think I do not think as much as I used to back home, I used to eat my own head on small matters, here I don't, maybe coz I don't have much time and maybe no one is self-centered. I had made some wrong choices in choosing friends in my college, and because of that I had not realised that i gave up being 'ME'. People turned me into something else or maybe I never looked back at that time. Today is different, I know who I am and who I was.

I am eagerly waiting for Neha and Gaurav to come here and visit me, we'll go nuts with shopping. Shoes, shoes and more shoes, I know she'll love it. I want Mom and Dad to come during my convocation.

The big news is- I am going to LONDON on 19th Dec, yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!. Christmas and New Years both there. Though I know I'll miss a hell lotta people these days but I think thats ok. But I wish Neha too was there. :-(
I miss my blog so much these days, as soon as my exams end, I'll revamp this whole place up. I'll put in a new template and I'll keep updating about london from there. yay, i'm so excited!!


oops I almost forgot, here is a picture of snow, from my room window