Monday, January 19, 2009



Well I finally get some respite! Gautam came back from India today, I talked after a long time (some sense that is). Sahil's coming back tomorrow. Phew!! Anyway, the best part is......its AUSSIE OPEN time and I'm watching te matches on P2P. heheh Piracy zindabad!!!

It snowed today!!! yay!! but it got so damn cold, im wearing two socks and I'm still freezing. I want hot coffee. I want hot pakoras. I want a job. I want chutney. I want mommy and daddy!!


ooooo, Hewitt and Gonzalez playing...yay..byee


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have been staying alone for FOUR months now, and seriously life teaches a lot of lessons. I'm so sure that as I get back home I am going to be a different person in terms of outlook, confidence and maturity. I have seen and met so many different 'species' of people here who also in a way make me realise of what I am and who I deserve to be. I have indeed become more positive towards life and I have definitely become calm.
But I'm slightly baffled and bored out here especially because all my friends are away home. And I am here, listening to people's fantasies and burdens (which obviously have nothing to do with them). Sometimes I wish Nishant was here, so I could talk the way I want to and just speak nonsense......LOL, even the thought of it makes me laugh. He is one friend I don't ever wanna lose, he is indeed my best friend since 7-8 years now. hope it stays forever. cheers buddy!!
I am bugged here but I still like it coz I spend time with myself and watch loads of movies and hear lots of good music, I even do a lil jig at times. hehe. I don't wanna crib and complain about spending time in Stirling, as this is the only thing left in the world for some folks out here. It just makes me pull my tongue out. I love Stirling, I chose to leave my country and come here. Learn to Live.
Anyways, I forgot to mention my London and Cardiff trip, I will write all about it in my next post.
cheers mates!!