Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Candid Talk!!

I don't even know why did I even have the damn time to think that my college would be interesting after the long summer break- this is whats called height of boredom

Mission Cha-bar

It actually began with a hunt to find this place in the statesman building...I know advertising can be expensive but boss atleast tell you are watchman that there actually exists a place with that name!

And I couldn’t get any cheaper by asking for a lift from "STAR" and then describing his car as AC waali Lambi Gaadi...We r Indians, we're cheap! I mean what's new??!!

And so began the worthless talk-err-debate on what is the condition of our country, I mean come on… I haven’t seen myself talking some sense in like years- the last time I spoke sense was probably when I was in school and that too on stage about some terrorism discussion. Or Maybe when there was a total freakkkkked out hype for that social association AIESEC
So why do I call it worthless?
Because no one cares a shit about our opinions!

I mean what is the govt. giving us man?
A bunch of quotas for those minorities, which makes us into deeper shit because we see them join Jamia’s and Stephen’s and we just WATCH crows and birds fly outside the campus!!! is this what the majority of the population is getting??

What happened to all those who protested? a month long coverage on news channels????- FINISHED???? Waste of 100's of litres of water to push them back??

We don't need a PM like Manmohan 'Sonia' Singh

Not even a CM as Sheila Dikshit
does it matter to who is the PM or the CM...its always gonna be the same.

I don't say the American or Uk govt. is not corrupt but the people are happy- they get what they want, atleast to the limit.

Ok so we can boast about the metro, and all those Jazzy octopus Flyovers- but do we exactly have anything to THANK the govt. for???