Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Radio passtime!
Well, one of my latest passtimes has been listening to radio when I'm outta sleep and trust me nothing better than it. Why?? Because you'll hear all sorts and types and species of people coming up with their problems- so called! Love Guru, and stuff like that. lol
Anyways , some of them do have genuine problems but then calling someone you don't know? does it really help?
I'm Just curious about what to do here:
There was this girl who was in love with someone else and her parents engaged her to someone else. Her eldest sister was divorced and her other elder sister had problems with her marriage too (on the rocks types). Her father was outta job and bankrupt. Regarding all this she didn't have the courage to tell her parents that she didn't like the guy they decided for her. She wanted to marry the guy her parents thought for her coz she didn't wanna add to her parents' problems. Phew! I'm kinda sorry for her and I'm not making fun of her. Without any intentions I was just wondering how big problems are for people. I had just fought with a friend that day and I actually called him back to say that there are so many bigger problems to worry about and so many smaller things to thank God for.
I might sound really hindi filmi type but yeahhh I did that!
She had a solution for herself. She would marry the guy she didn't like and join a BPO job where she could stay outta the house. ???!!??!!!
I'm actually kinda avoiding songs on the radio too and this show I think on Meoww plays no songs during it. Sudden songs bring back sweet memories. I'm avoiding songs that could make me cry!
A suggestion: If you ever get to watch Sisterhood of travelling pants... Watch it! it's beautiful, not that its related to radio..its just a random suggestion. It's important for friends, for having friends!
Getting used to it.
Things have changed a as I write todays blog. Somewhere I wonder why I never write so much about it, also why I have never mentioned it. But again I really can't write it. Its a public blog.
No more running out receiving calls, no more eyes waiting on the cell phone display, No more interest in picking up the phone now- I sound as if I have lost my cellphone. lol.
But I'm hanging on.
Till then I have to do a lotta stuff.