Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life Lessons, perceptions and projections.

My conscience had nothing else but give me "Life Lessons" all this while. Now I can say those "Life Lessons" are funny but they work. My Life, my career, my future is all setting up in a picture now and I, now, atleast know what am I supposed to be doing.

I have been off from my blog for a long time now. So I have loads of stuff to rant upon.

Some strange stuff is going on. The not-so-expected stuff. Well! I'm not so psychologically driven towards it so I'm not really writing about it as well. All i can say is: I am a "girl with attitude with a sweet and caring heart"...and I have...."got something in me". ---> these are not my words by the way. not-so-expected.


Been spending a lot of time with my cousins. Had fun all this while. Now its time for all the decisions to be made as now I have to step somewhere which will decide everything in my life. Phew. These are heavy sentences. I also write it with heavy seriousness. I just hope the things I'm gonna do and pursue help me and make me successful, I hope everything falls into place and I make it. I didn't know all this while but yes, this is what I wanna do. When time comes I'll write this in a non-obscure way.

All this while my perception of some people has changed. I might not be perfect but the way I thought people would be, they aren't. I have a disgust in my mind. I shouldn't but I just do. I think people should know what life is before telling others about it. I think people should be patient enough to judge a person by what he deserves. I think people should not create stereotypical views about someone when they do the same thing later on. Most of all, people should not drive others to think like they do. That's sick!

for now, that's all.
LOL- yeh thoda serious blog tha!