Tuesday, May 08, 2007

High flown fashion statement(s)?????

Now how many times do you see this foppish girl walking on the busy roads of New Delhi...I'm talking of those who believe in flaunting out everything they have!! (whatever)
You call them girls?
Ok so you wear a good deal of attitude on your face which is usually hidden by oversized glares loudly screaming CHANEL? (usually makes you look blind but you still think its the newest wrinkle) - looks good only on some ppl not everyone!!
And then when you don't find a good parking or rather when you don't know how to park a car you scream at the bechara parking waala bhaiya...!!!, and then you threaten him to take away his job as if you own the whole parking lot...
well i have a solution for you..stop or rather give up driving (these honda accords aren't made for you) and don't bother the one's stuck in a jam cuz of you!!!!

have you ever seen a typical punctured-brain girl drive a car...girls driving is defamed just cuz of such women!
i swear to god she was on fone with one hand and eating corn from the other....me n ma sis honkedd at her badly and still she had the damn guts to use the word *fuck off*...
Now if there would hav been some short tempered guy instead of us there..you wud have been fucked already!!!!

Then there are such women who know veryy clearly that they are wearing a short top, she bends down showing her back and then she turns around and stares the guy sitting behind her....Now what did he do???
If you don't wanna be looked at then stop wearing such clothes, but if you don't bother then DON'T BOTHER!!!
A typical barbie doll girl- oh gawd...coming dressed to college in party clothes..oh i forgot we are in "shaheed bhagat singh college" we have a party everydayyyy!! woo hoo!! ( what the hell??)
I wonder what they wear when they actually have to party??
you're giving an exam and you want to brush your hair-okay- but after every damn minute??? and where we urge to find a minute extra to complete answers you still got time to check out what shoes is the other girl wearing!!?

Yeah I was in the exam hall too but this caught my attention while I was trying to rememba a dialogue frm a shakespeare play!!

You know I hate when school kids come clubbing and still behave like school kids- It's some kinda thrill they have when they come clubbing- ofcourse they are so excited....when i went to mumbai and went clubbing there the place was filled with school children!!! and those typical girls who don't even know whats a dress code wear stupid chappals with their worn out feet---ewww!! and still think they own the world.. but whatever Bache hain!!! (extreme cases)

Anyways I know taking out time to write rubbish fr rubbish ppl is too much an ordeal but i jus wanted to write about their good-for-nothing "high flown statements"!!!
You call them girls?? I call them diseased maniacs!!!

One doesn't have to be sexy legged all the time wearing loud brands, carrying Big bags which just have a wallet inside and they still carry their newly bought n-series cellphone in their hand!
You have to be such a "girl" at times...its imperative too but it always has a purpose or some occasion, or sometimes when one feels like dressing up like that.
I love dressing up myself...every girl does, but just hate the i-wanna-be-a-pg 3-woman attitude!

Anyways, the world will go on!
Just be yourself ladies...you'll feel beautiful!!
I know i am no one to tell you this but again i say... be yourself!!

Sometimes, just randomly, photographs elate you, some make you think and some just fascinate. Recently I have got a little attracted on photography which makes me explore them more.

It is just a wonderful world, unstoppable of getting beautiful everyday. (wow, I'm good!!)

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.
~Eudora Welty

(some pieces of notice from my eyes)
Northern Lights

The Silent Dance

Language of Love

I love this one!

All these Photographs elated me, fascinated me and made me think at the same time!