Sunday, April 19, 2009

And So it was....
After much contemplation and some weird face making, I realised that my blog has gone for a toss. It has lost its charm (well, I am self-supposing that it had some before!!), it has become too random, it has become too summarized and I have become lazy! Each time I come up with an excuse and say I'll write often and soon, blah-la-blah, I just can't!!
Sooo I sat thinking and came up with a first fused, then blinking and then a shattering bulb idea. Why not start afresh and make a new blog!! I won't delete this one and neither will stop writing in it. Umm lets just keep this one for nonsense!! But now I have lost track of all my comment-people. So I don't know if thats a bright idea!!!
So life seems to be running now, 8 months have gone, lots changed, I changed, people changed!!! I took some decisions I should have taken ages ago, but sometimes it feels blank!!!
I have also changed my Dissertation topic, its more 'political'....
and lets say i'll say all about it on my blog, err new blog!!! I hope some people reply there, otherwise my dissertation will never work!!!!! puhleeezzzz-with cherry on top...ok and a chocolate nut too!!
YAwwwwwwwwwwn...m lazy again!! I'm sure its all pumping up eh?!!