Monday, December 29, 2008



This is one thing I never wanted to happen. My Blog has become so lame, hardly write up and I hardly visit it. Ahh. No, I'm not going to let this happen. I will revamp it and I will keep coming back to it to update it. Yes!!

Maybe it will be changed after this post. Anyways, Sooooo I'm in London, big deal!!! But hey London's cool, all that's missing is people. I don't have anyone to see London with but I've still managed somehow. One can go crazy with shopping here, that is if you're a rich dads kid or if you own the Bank of England. But I shopped, loads of stuff and now I don't have extra bags to carry it all the way to Stirling. I wanna show Neha everything I shopped!!

After been shopping I have realised one thing that I have become a bag-a-holic, i just love bags now. I own 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, oh fuckerrr sevenn bags nowww. shit. But in my defense I had got 3 from India. the last one I bought (ie, today) was H&M and its pink and its cuteee!! I was so chirpyy the entire day. Also I have realized how much I miss Stirling, Lyon Crescent, House 7, House 8....ahhh!! I'm anyways into the whole mode of missing Delhi since almost 3 and a half months now, so I've got used to it but Stirling I never knew I'll miss so much. The day after everybody's last exam we had such a nice time. I miss 'Fix You'.

*sigh* So how is London anyway?? I think I can fill pages writing about the whole 'nitty-gritty' of it but in a nutshell- London's good, I am a liiiiitttle uncomfy with the new people around, And I am not good at new company, I take ages to open up and get into 'conversation'. Meeting Gauravs (jiju) friends Shantanu and Anchal was fun. I am kiiinnnda looking forward for new years eve. I hope I get good drunk so people don't realize I'm there. One more thing, Indian Men (well at least some of them) with hard core British accent seem so gayyy!!! ugh!!

Christmas was great, we had a nice English Christmas dinner and I got loads of gifts, was overwhelmed but hehehehe--greedyy!!! thanks!!

Well, Another 9 days till I get back to Stirling. Another 3 days till I get to Cardiff. I know that later I will be looking back at these days and wondering how time flew but for now I wana get home. I wana be by myself, talk to neha, gaurav, mum n dad nicely. Till then I'm not doing much, just using, no! OVER-using my laptop, actually I need a life coz I'm popping into random peoples profiles. I cant believe I've had such loser friends in my college days, yuck!! How convenient has it become for people to be lame and selfish these days. lol. But I'm happy I have a few good friends with me still.

I guess its getting really long now and I need to find new templates for the blog.

laterrr (soon!!) *what an oxymoron*

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ज़िन्दगी बड़ी होनी चाहिए, लम्बी नहीं!!!

Today I learnt new things about myself. I had my first exam here, I did prepare but it was a disaster, well thats what I think. Anyway, that gone I had newer things to deal with. I talked to Dad and till that moment I had never realised how much I love him. So much that theres no bound, I just love him (this is not new ofcourse but suddenly had this outburst going on). Mom is my sweetheart! I thought of all those times when I used to crib on small things and waste my days, life is so short to live all those moments. Each day something happens which is special. I don't think anyone should waste days.

If I havent still said enough, I wanna say again. I love you Mom and Dad!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Long time, yet again!!

There are a lot of things keeping me busy these days, seriously a lot of things! I did not have time to even think of stuff I could write in my blog, but since this is a part of my life now, decided to shell out at least 5 minutes to it today and obviously I am taking more time than that. Anyway, Stirling is treating me well. It snowwwweeeeeeeeeeeeddd here!!! awesome, amazing, lovely, etc etc. I'll add a pic too in the end of this blog.

Heard about Mumbai yesterday, felt so disgusted at those bloody damn terrorists, they should be handed over to the people and beaten to death. And bomb their home. kill everyone!

A few days ago I realised that I have indeed grown up here, as in learnt to deal with things. Trust me living alone helps. In the past, I had cribbed about things I had to let go, I did not think at those moments but what I think the most difficult thing to do is live without family, everything else is just nothing! Life really moves on. Somehow, I think I do not think as much as I used to back home, I used to eat my own head on small matters, here I don't, maybe coz I don't have much time and maybe no one is self-centered. I had made some wrong choices in choosing friends in my college, and because of that I had not realised that i gave up being 'ME'. People turned me into something else or maybe I never looked back at that time. Today is different, I know who I am and who I was.

I am eagerly waiting for Neha and Gaurav to come here and visit me, we'll go nuts with shopping. Shoes, shoes and more shoes, I know she'll love it. I want Mom and Dad to come during my convocation.

The big news is- I am going to LONDON on 19th Dec, yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!. Christmas and New Years both there. Though I know I'll miss a hell lotta people these days but I think thats ok. But I wish Neha too was there. :-(
I miss my blog so much these days, as soon as my exams end, I'll revamp this whole place up. I'll put in a new template and I'll keep updating about london from there. yay, i'm so excited!!


oops I almost forgot, here is a picture of snow, from my room window

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Its a new day everyday!

Most of the times I begin my blog by saying 'uh long time' but seriously haven't been writing so much. There is so much to say and so much to share.

Its so strange when at one point of time we sit and think how difficult things would get if this happens in our life. We all are so used to our lives that we cant perceive changes, we want our life to be like that. period.

But I never knew change could be so nice. It is important. I am saying this because I am loving the time I am spending in Stirling. Its new, its nice, its what I never thought could be. Though i miss home, ma and papa, neha and gaurav. Its hard but its ok. There are some people I wanna thank who taught me how to live when loved ones are not around, even if it was the hard way.

What i love about Stirling is that it has brought a change in me, I don't portray anything here, I don't have to make anyone happy, I don't have to pretend anything. I have left some things behind and I am walking a straight line here. I do feel bad for a few things I left behind. A friendship that was based on fragile grounds, though I miss it at times, was baseless- I didn't know. I didn't know a lot of things back then.

But its a new day, I wanna live every moment of it, who knows if they'll ever come back!?!

We do not remember days; we remember moments.
~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I was just wondering the other day the time when I actually stood at the airport door and turned around to say BYE. I went in and knew I wont step back home in another year. THAT WAS IT!

Today, I realise how big that was!! Home is everything!

Its getting comfortable here, everyday. We had a Diwali party yesterday, it was nice, though I got pissed at one point of time. Some people just bullshit about any shit! But otherwise it was nice, Indian tradition!! And good Food!! Shit I'm gonna miss Diwali.... :-(

November is going to be hectic for me, I have so much work to do and so much study, exams are also nearing. crap! My sleep cycle is totally fucked up, I sleep at 3 am get up at 2 pm, or else if I have class at 9, I hardly sleep for 4 hrs a day, though I get a sound sleep. aaah!

Its good to experience the world all by yourself here, we see how people change in freedom, how some use it and some misuse it. How some flaunt what they don't even have, and some flaunt all they have. How some limit themselves to circumferences to be 'cool'. How some forget their nationalities and how some stand still. Its a strange world out here. But in the end, its all about how you are and how you see it! God knows whats happening! But I still like it, there are good people here as well.
so back to, cheers!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


2 months almost!

Can't believe how fast that was!

My frequency of blogging has become so low here, I don't get time. Not that I'm busy or something, and neither that I'm not, ugh (well I've recently come to know I've got this vivid foot in mouth syndrome, so sorry bout that). Anyway!

Its nice here, I like it but sometimes I get sad, I miss home! and sometimes I sing those lines from the song Yellow, 'when you get what you want, but not what you need'.

shit i dunno what else to write!!!!!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Down the line...

I almost complete 1 month here in Scotland and i don't even realise that. I talked to mom n dad that day, they said it seems as if you are gone for ages! For me? well, it seems time literally ran the fastest in my entire life. I have made some friends here and I am purposely not writing 'good' in front of it. Not because they are not good, but only because they are.

I just hope what I say does not change with perception (not necessarily mine). It might sound too soon to say this, but I'll cherish these days always.

I am getting to think these days that sometimes you know something that exists but you never cross your line and get to the core just because you want them to be realised by themselves. hmm! Lemme leave it just about there. I have a fragile mind.

It could be nice, I know that it 'would be'. But sometimes life is complex.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Des-var-lecker (that was yummy!)

It’s good that I share my Uni accommodation with foodies. I really gel well with all of them, good people. Touch wood!!

It was a German food weekend. We had German starters, German main course and German alcohol with loads of German fun. Last weekend was Chinese. Maybe next week is Indian. I am a little lazy, oh boy!

I have become the ‘chana dal’ queen here and I’m gradually starting to cook it just like mom. I made Rainer taste it, the German housemate, he simply loved it. Everybody is curious here about India. Mark,, the Chinese guy, got scared when my pressure cooker whistled that day. Lol. Shine loves me, hehe, she keeps kissing me and keeps saying “Pleeyaanka! I love you”. Ok don’t get any ideas!!! She’s just adorable. Richard is nice as well, he doesn’t talk much.

I miss home a lot, I get so sad when I wonder that I won’t see mom n dad for 1 year. I so wish they come here. I want to go shopping with Neha here, she’ll love the place. Wanna go clubbing with Gaurav. Shit man I miss them!! I miss Kalkaji, Select city walk,, BIG CHILL!!!!

Anyway, I was bored a few days back here so I borrowed this ‘sho-shweet’ movie from a friend, Monster Inc. I hadn’t watched it before so got ma hands on it. Adorable again! Better than all animations I have watched.

It’s late, I have an early lecture tomorrow. So I’ll pack-up. Though this is a word doc as I don’t have 24 hr internet access, I just have to copy paste this file on the blog.

I know!!! I need a life.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Dusk and the Dawn

A window slightly open, a long glass of juice, despite the crappy cold, my hands smelling of lemon after the dishwash and here I am listening to an unknown song but loving it at the same time. It’s been long since I felt a sudden rush inside me, today is the day, maybe because I am alone and maybe because of something that paid me a visit unexpectedly. By visit I mean ‘in my mind’.


This something makes me write this way, obscured and blurred but also coming out exactly the way I want it to. At times I am okay with the whole idea of not speaking words that touch me deep down inside (deep deep down). There are some wishes I crave for, no bounds!

Today, there were some things said and I still behaved they were unheard, because it takes me back to square one. “I don’t wanna run away, I don’t wanna be alone”. I don’t know if all of this is making me sense but that is how I feel today.

When at times I look at the sun, I feel happy for the brightness but here I miss sunshine, I really do! From dusk till dawn, it’s all the same-glum! Trying to settle here and make a space comfortable for myself. I wish I stay happy here.

Happy sunshine to all those back in India.

P.S. - It’s really hard when someone comes and says ‘I miss you’.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Heart of Scotland!

The day I reached this little county of Stirling, I freaked out and cried for almost 1 hour cribbing to have made such a crappy decision of studying so far off. The plane journey was nice; it almost made me overcome my fear (a lil bit), landing at London was nicer, then I got lost in the beauty when I took the drive from Edinburgh airport to Stirling. But I knew something is going to go wrong man!

The place is undoubtedly a heaven on earth, but it’s so damn quiet that the silence nearly kills you. I went up to my room and lost control, I wanted to run away as soon as possible. But then I heard some voices and I figured it was Hindi. I found almost 20-30 neighbours who are Indians and they’re all wonderful people. Then I gained a little strength to bear what I was about to tour.

So all the anxiety over, the University has took off, it’s an amazing campus and doesn’t really look like a college, it’s more of a café. I had my first induction interview with the course director, it went real well. I am eager to start with my classes which push off this Monday. It gets really exciting to live in a cottage and make your own food, do all the household chores. We go ‘Ration’ shopping together and we walk like 4 kms everyday. Phew! And everyday after dinner we guys make a point to meet up in someones house and chat since theres no other mode of entertainment left for any of us. Its fun!

I don’t’ really have internet at home but would soon get one but the campus is wi-fi and it’s easy to access internet in between lectures. We have a new fundoo way of learning here. Everythings online and that includes our lectures as well. Looking forward to all these new techno stuff.

So, everythings back on track and will write-up back soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Its time to say goodbye to New Delhi, to India, just for a while. Its so damn hard that I have been avoiding the whole ordeal to think about it. And I am putting my head into nonsensical things like Doomsday by LHC that has been buzzing around. I know nothing would happen, but I'm just thinking to keep my mind off other stuff. By the way according to India TV, Doomsday should have already happened. I sometimes feel like slapping that news channel, they create an unnecessary panic.

Hmm, so in 2 days from today I'll be in another country, actually in the plane ( I hate the idea of it too). Im going 'Phoren'. yay! Some padosi aunties were curious so they asked me beta kahan jaa rahe ho, I said Scotland UK...and they made confused faces wondering if I was going to two places at the same time.

Anyway, the news channels are going crazy with Doomsday news, I have heard so many dates when the world will end or was about to end. I think God will also get confused now. We know the certainty of our death is same every year, 1 in 365, what we don't know is the exact day. So we should all CHILL! We will only die when we overcome death. I actually saw this one some random forum so blabbed it out.

Otherwise in plain words, we are all too busy to die!

So saying goodbye to family and friends and all bloggers!
I'll catch up back soon.


Friday, September 05, 2008

The 3 Mistakes of my life

I am reading this novel by Chetan Bhagat these days, and I am almost on the verge of finishing it. Its a fast read and pretty OK. I can call it good I think.

Chetan Bhagat has this whole flavour to his novels, I would always wanna wait for his next novel. This one is better than 'One night at a call centre' but not as good as "Five point Someone', but its still a good read. I think the way he writes stuff, he knows what people would wanna read so that makes his novels 'readable'. Sweet!

I don't think I have had any 3 mistakes in my life, well umm have obviously done stuff that has not been inside the jurisdiction of being 'right' but then I don't think I'd call em Mistakes big enough to freak me out. Crap, I have been such a Sharif ass till now! heh heh

Talking of novels, I did start reading 'Piece of cake' in between, but I had just given it up and then couldn't really pick it up again. So now this and the next one is a classic- Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the wind'. Its a fat book, so will keep me involved for a long time period.

I wanna read Jane Eyre again. I have forgotten what it was all about.

later (listenin to Roop tera Mastana- hehe cute song)

Sunday, August 31, 2008


LOL, this title will make this blog sound pretentious. But it is a big deal to me. :-(

I have given my family people a kind of a pleasant shock two days back. I was waiting for my admission to get final, waited for a scholarship, waited for my visa and broke the news. All are happy. Except me. Well, I'm happy to go and study but not happy because leaving family here is tough, and mum is like the most anxious mumma ever. Her face expression is like 'Chintamani'. Dad wants me to reach safely and he'll be fine. Hmm

So where am I heading? (making it half more pretentious to what it already was) I'm going to the University of Stirling in Scotland for media management. yay! but 'Mera Bharat Mahaan' coz I dont intend to settle abroad or something. I know half the people keep saying 'sab aise hi bolte hai' but me, strictly back after education and if i get to work for 1 year, great, but thats it! I love Home.

I leave this 13th and I have started collecting things as well for packing, packing is so sad and gloomy. But I'm looking forward to going there as well. I'll finally get to go to London too, the dream destination of Neha (my sis).

Anyway, I hope all goes well and make all proud.


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Its Countdown time now.

Ah well, sad days are gonna come, but before that happy days are gonna come too as I'm gonna go crazy with shopping. I have started collecting things and have started dreaming about packing. Airports are sad. Planes are sadder. Turbulence is saddest.

I'm phobic of two places. Hospitals and Airplanes. Just crap to me. you can take me to any goddamn roller coaster I wont get scared, I can bungee jump too. but Airplanes NO! hate them. Hospitals I can still take but they give me so much gobar-panti. Sad stuff everywhere, the smell, the patients, the doctors the medicines. bad bad bad! I end up having a head ache. People go to hospitals to get better. I'll come out sicker!

I wanna die before anyone else too. Cant understand God's funda of life and death. And see, I just went a sentence back and changed 'God's' 'G' into caps. I'm impressing him! So he can help me bear a flight.

Spent some time at my sisters place, had so much fun, did things we have never done alone together. Though I know at the end of my stay I just pissed them off. Feeling so damn sorry. I'll try to be a better person with some missions strong in my head from now on. We saw the pursuit of happyness- amazing movie, Will Smith is just unbelievable. Loved it!

"You can only pursue happiness, you can never have it"

I have to do so much paperwork now, guess I'll leave. My internet is also exceeding its damn usage so I better take care of it and stop using it fr the month. Its so stupid using limited internet after been used to the unlimited one. its just temporary. I'm also gonna learn to cook some quickies. I'll miss home food.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A lot is going to changed from now on, it'll reflect in here as well. I really have to leave Delhi in another month and I'm going to experience a new world out there. I'll miss home.

I don't really want to get sad right now so I'm not writing any details. Anyway, a lot has already changed as from the past few weeks I have realised few things in life which I should have realised like years ago, but better later than never ( I don't have a better one liner than this lame one so chipka diya). Though I did something to deal with it but felt guilty just in a second. That's the problem with me, I can't be a bitch! I dunno if I'm really complimenting myself or something here but ya that's the truth! So things have been dealt, my way!

If I really start penning down what the whole 'maajra' was, I'm sure if not Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor would run for a script like this. But I really can't because this is not a private blog! And maybe I was overreacting as well on the whole thing because I seriously don't have space for all this. People can be so deceptive you know! I somehow feel that I end up doing right things at the wrong time and wrong things at the right time... phew!

Chalo jaane do...

I felt reallly bad for one of my good friend yesterday, she was hoping to get through Manchester University and really excited as well but something happened at the last moment and she has to wait when there's no time left. I hope she gets through and goes as well. Godbless!

I feel like changing my blog for a bit, now that my mind has eased free from the whole tension-oriented month. People tell me very often that I take too much tension. hmm maybe. I feel real bad when people are not happy with me. I curse myself then. *giggle*

I am not exactly bored by the look of my blog but I like change. I'll go find some stuff to entertain myself.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Its 5:40 pm and its pitch dark outside. Dark grey clouds have fallen in love with Delhi or something, they are here to stay. Its scary and dark and eee!

I like rains but not so much, I hate lightening as well. It scares me but also thrills me at times.

I like one thing about blogging, I may not write for a long time and I sometimes feel 'what the hell' but when I do write I just get back in it and I love blogging all over again. So here I go with another blog in 2 days.

I just saw this flick on star movies..??..or was it HBO..??..whatever, I saw it- called Just my Luck with Lindsay Lohan and this good looking guy jiska naam nahi pata but he's gud. Anyway, cute flick, timepass. I like such flicks!

Also I have fallen in love with the lyrics of the song Fix you by Coldplay, old song but I just heard the lyrics with such concentration only a few days back. Also the guitar played in it is awesome!!!

When you try your best but you don't succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
When you love someone
but it goes to waste

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

And high up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth

Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Monday, August 04, 2008

I have forgotten how to write...

Firstly, I have a huge shortage of time these days. Days run like anything, months fly like anything, I don't want this because time is going to be the most precious thing for me now. I might have to leave this city for my future study and that's painful, I've never lived apart from my family, New Delhi and my home-*makes a puppy face*!!!! But also looking at the lucrative education I'm going to have, it shouldn't bother me much. Anyway, that is also why I am blogging after ages. TIME.

So..... I'm having a little fun of my own these days. All these years of the boring me I decided to change for a bit, that is, for my good!! I'm just waiting to how it works out. Its been so funny for me to know certain things because I knew they were true in a way and now I'm sure they were. Its too ambiguous right now but I can't be more specific than this.

I don't have time for all this too but this is something I want to make happen. Apart from this I have to prepare lists of things, shop a lot etc etc. This is so gloomy. Some of my friends are going away too for study and counting that I'll have three good and old friends who live so far away. Gloomy again. Ugh!! Life doesnt give many good friends and I really want to keep them because friends matter to me.

I'm hungry...

P.S.- I still think people don't understand me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saala Nautanki....

I might be writing this blog just for the heck of it coz I've not written one a vaaaaaryyy long time. ha ha so funny...

Wimbledon is over..ofcourse it is, the next one is about to begin now!!!!..heheheh. My results are out now I'm 'officially' a graduate. I'm not very happy with my result, umm not too sad either...I just want things to, pretty please, work out. Ugh!

O, I made pasta the other day, the non-bharta one (lol), just mixed matched a few stuff and it actually cooked well. I mean I could eat it! Talking of eating- theres this new ice cream place opened up near my place, and they have the best belgian chocolate ice cream.....whoooo!!! Its this creammmmy chocolate wid pieces of chocolate cake in it n all u cn do is slurrrrrppp it up!

The best thing- I finally went shopping to get me GOOD GLARES, thanks to Neha n Gaurav- they're just awesome!!!!! also a nice wallet.....happy time! There is some happy time that I think will come soon too, I just hope its m waiting!

Enough Nautanki!...hey, Im sure everybody's watched RDB...sid's first n last dailogue in the flick was 'Nautanki Saala'..

Tata, birla, ambani

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Hots and Cutes of Wimbledon.....

Here's Janko Tipsarevic - with a new trend of wearing glasses while playing, he's got style!!!

Fernando Verdasco- people might not like him so much, but this guy can play!!!

Mario Ancic -he lost yesterday but it was sum fine watching for me..heh heh

Marat Safin - I didnt notice him till this years championship...he's gud!

All of em are out of the championship except Marat Safin, and I wanna see him beat Fedex...

Well I do watch their game too but now you'll know why I like Tennis so much...hehehehe!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life Lessons, perceptions and projections.

My conscience had nothing else but give me "Life Lessons" all this while. Now I can say those "Life Lessons" are funny but they work. My Life, my career, my future is all setting up in a picture now and I, now, atleast know what am I supposed to be doing.

I have been off from my blog for a long time now. So I have loads of stuff to rant upon.

Some strange stuff is going on. The not-so-expected stuff. Well! I'm not so psychologically driven towards it so I'm not really writing about it as well. All i can say is: I am a "girl with attitude with a sweet and caring heart"...and I have...."got something in me". ---> these are not my words by the way. not-so-expected.


Been spending a lot of time with my cousins. Had fun all this while. Now its time for all the decisions to be made as now I have to step somewhere which will decide everything in my life. Phew. These are heavy sentences. I also write it with heavy seriousness. I just hope the things I'm gonna do and pursue help me and make me successful, I hope everything falls into place and I make it. I didn't know all this while but yes, this is what I wanna do. When time comes I'll write this in a non-obscure way.

All this while my perception of some people has changed. I might not be perfect but the way I thought people would be, they aren't. I have a disgust in my mind. I shouldn't but I just do. I think people should know what life is before telling others about it. I think people should be patient enough to judge a person by what he deserves. I think people should not create stereotypical views about someone when they do the same thing later on. Most of all, people should not drive others to think like they do. That's sick!

for now, that's all.
LOL- yeh thoda serious blog tha!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Priyanka's Cooking Spree

DAY 1: Made Garlic Bread at masi's place: was Good

DAY 2: Made Omelets, again at Masi's place, was good but my 14 yr old cousin was better than me

DAY 3: Baked a brownie cake, yet again at Masi's place (I still have home by the way), was yum but the next day my cousin made it too, so umm my charm is lost y'know.LOL

DAY 4: Cooked Pasta, at HOME, It was awful- looked like भरता, tasted like पोहा comments

DAY 5: Tried making Ice tea, *yucky face*, now I'll buy the Nestle make home ice tea pack!!

mmm whats in store tomorrow???

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Random Part 2!!!

Been away for the last week to my cousins place. fun it was. Today is MONDAY, Neha n Gaurav are comin back today. Yay!

Its time for some seriousness now. I have to just side-off some things running in my mind for the last 4 months and concentrate on what I need to do- more than what I have to do. I have noticed that 80% of my posts are pessimistic. Umm...ok!

I don't mean to be pessimistic but somehow things pull me away and I'm dull, plain, cranky and low. WHY??? Sometimes I feel I'm the lamest person ever born. ha!! (slap on my face)

I have shopped lately..yayieee! and as soon as I was back home I laid back my cupboard again only coz i have shopped new stuff. It's a girl thing! I have also bought a red nail paint. Its an 'in' thing, though I hate the whole ordeal of growing nails n painting them so I've applied it on my short nails n though they look nightmarish I plan to keep it on. one has to do so much to keep themselves busy.

और बताऊ?

I missed a lot of french open but saw the final at least. Nadal just pounded down Fedex. good but I wanted a GAME!

Wimbledon देखूंगी

I just realised I'm writing Major bakwas so....


Sunday, May 25, 2008


I jotted down a to-do list in the memo of my phone last night, thinking of all those nice and interesting things I could do the next day keeping me 'busy'. 'Busy' i am writing about it and also saying I did nothing out of them. But yesterday was a nice fun day after a long time. Went to Janpath- didnt shop much, actually didnt shop at all!- but still, had fun.

The Daredevils won the match yesterday...phew! I hope they make it to the semis. Wow, IPL is too good these days. Also Roland Garros French Open begins today, so I'll be glued to it. I wish I would've been a Tennis Player. ha!

The Aarushi Murder case is getting mysterious by the day. I just want to know who did it. If the parents are involved then shame on them. The mother came out in the open yesterday, the media say she's hiding something. God knows whats happening. I hope Aarushi's soul rests in peace.

Nothing much!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I don't get it....

I'm just doing anything these days- blowing bubbles, putting hot pink nail paint (lol), watching India-TV (yuck), most of all I have become a negative persona, I don't want to become that, I think the whole pressure of MBA-shit is taking me nowhere, I don't think its an obvious mandatory thing to do these days, maybe it is or maybe not. No, it is!


But I just want to subside the whole issue and look at myself. I have to think straight now.. Ive had enough shit from enough people this year (this has nothing to do with the above mentioned stuff by the way). I have a life! I have my own ways and principles in life, I don't have to plead to people for things I want. I wish my life had been My way. wish granted. My Life is going to be MY way now!

See again!

(Too many comas in here)
See you!

Friday, May 09, 2008


A few days back I told Neha that I'm so happy we've had the perfect happy childhood in our life. We've done all those things that a childhood asks for. We've had 'gully gangs' where we were the sultans of our street. 'Live together die alone' types. We had cycling groups, badminton teams, cricket championships, Christmas celebrations, Diwali booms and bangs- and counting the trash we had made the next day. The density of the trash brought immense pleasure. Monsoon dances and pushing people in the puddle.
The gang was huge and we've played sports right from 'fire in the mountain' to 'dodge ball' to the nerve cracking 'gully cricket'. We collected the petty cash from all the kids and bought a volley ball and played till it got worn out. We played 'gallery' and 'kho-kho' that used to take the whole street up, we used to hit people with 'maaran pitti' (funny name), 'pithhu' was our favorite game.
We have created havoc in our neighbourhood by breaking windows and we've teased old aunties for not returning our balls back. We've mixed her mirchies and dhaniya that were kept for sun-drying. It was all so much fun. I doubt kids today experience all that.
But I just can't forget the days when electricity blackouts were the reason for every kid in the street to run outta there homes and play hide and seek. We've hid ourselves in nastiest of places and sneakiest of corners just for the love of the game. Damn! inverters and generators have ruined our lives. ahem.
All that is lost somewhere now... but the thought of it makes me happy. Makes me think my childhood has not been wasted.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Everything will be All right!!!!

When people say that 'Everything will be allright!!!' Do they really mean it or its just a saying that has become meaningless crap giving people a fraction of what- satisfaction??

Not really!

No one has said that to me..but I know that'll be what is supposed to be said...supposed!

I want to get involved in any ordeal to take me away from all of it- every bit of it! But all I have is a lot of void around me and this space makes me want to go back to where I hear my conscience say it over n over again- Everything will be alright!

Maybe coz I know it will not...

It is even more difficult because what I exactly wanna write I can't, because who I want this to read will not. And probably not get it too!

I will appreciate truth to make me sad than a pack of lies to make me happy.....or maybe it is not even the way I'm thinking it to be. It could be vice versa!

Not many people think I'm worth all that! (its a big shut up for me now)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This comes from a 20 yr old to be graduate

The above line doesn't give me any difference to sound like a 20 year old and neither a graduate. Life's so stupid!

The fact that COLLEGE finished gave me a huge scare before my last exam- it was like ---huh?? N i dun even feel m outta school yet. what crap! I called a very old friend yesterday, it was her birthday, to be clear cut precise- her 21st birthday. And I know as october comes people will call ME up on MY 21st birthday!! *frowning on teenage *. I always dreamed of being 18- nothing much about it but y'know how stereotyped 18 its been 2 years its gone. I didnt mind 20 too. ah they're just numbers by the way (damage control).

I'm planning to join dance classes from 5th may...I just don't wanna sit idle. I wanted to join tennis as well- but one thing at a time..I dun wanna break my bones all at once. It'll be fun!!

I have a few entrances coming up for JNU. After I saw the campus I was like I wanna study ONLY here but nobody's gonna wait for me with an aarti plate there. I'll have to earn it. But who'll study for the entrances??? I will I know. Otherwise I'm nowhere.

I also want to work for a magazine for sometime. After a lil brainstorming I wondered that I could enjoy it as a profession! again no aarti thali there too for me! No one cares for humanity I tell you!

But I'm in love with my new haircut. I love the place where I got it cut from. The guy was faaaantasssstic! I'm going back there soon! Neha n me have to go to janpath soon to shop titsie bitsie stuff.. but the weather is crappy..

N dis blog sucks...what an update reminder.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Keep Bleeding..Keep Keep Bleeding!!!

No I didn't fall off the stairs!
I heard Leona Lewis sing this song on A-Idol yesterday...loved it!
So I'm grooving to the beats of it.

My lassssssssst exam is stttttillll left!!! I DoOn't feel like writing anymore. I'm so full of Wisdom these days. I'm talking some pseudo-shit to people these days. Hung up with Literature.

Remembering from the title of the song.....
I had a really weird Dream-Nightmare last night. Someone was murdered or it was a suicide ( I have no idea who he was) and I was called for interrogation. There were blood spatters n some gruesome faces of people crying, there was a horse (no connection but I did see a horse). And finally I was haunted by a girl in the dream. Weird!!... coz the person murdered was a Boy.

The funniest part- a lady showed me a gun with which the suicide/murder was committed. It was orange in colour. seemed like a holi ki pichkari. LOL!!

But I was really scared when I woke up. I still remember the girl's face. Now I always have weird dreams of murder and apocalypse. Sometimes I see the whole world is burning, sometimes flooding, sometimes I'm running from people who wanna kill me. lol


I'm missing my blog these days. Have so much to's been intense in here. Intense in a very ironical way. Shut up Priyanka. uuh yeah!

I was reading a line from one of my contemporary poets in my course. It just connects to everybody. I liked the line.

"Love is so Short. Forgetting is so Long."
~Pablo Neruda from Tonight I can write~

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Best Teachers teach from the heart and not from the book. ~ Author unknown
It might sound like an exaggerated sentence but the one thing I have learnt in being a literature student is the amount of respect we build for knowledge, more precisely, Wisdom. And I didn't want to leave my college without paying thanks to a teacher who did teach from his heart. The immense knowledge he restores in him is not even the least in me but one day he said that I had potential.
So I thought that if nothing else, atleast I'll let him know that he is one of those teachers as in the afore said saying.

Priyanka: Hello Sir. i wanted to thank you once before college ends for all that you have taught and helped. I'll always look up to you as you have been the best teacher for me. Thank you sir.

Sir: Thanks a ton. I will always remember your inquisitive look and the use of online dictionary. I always wanted to tell you two things (1) "The golden rule is that there is no golden rule." In other words, one cant lay down rules for you. So when someone defies your potential tell them this (2) "Try to get what you like or you are forced to like, what you get" - Bernard Shaw.
Take care and be in touch.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Took a Time-0out!

Ha! it seems as if I'm applyin for IIT or something.

Anywayjj, its exam time, final exams of my final year in college. crap!

Been busy with books and some other things I'm not supposed to be doin a lot these days. watched Race- pretty nice!

My exams are in 12 days n Im reading a novel NOW. Frankenstein. I kinda excel in studying at the last moment so thats ok! as i say- ok!

dunno how to put the next sentence up but lemme try

Valued some stuff lately and devalued some other stuff lately. Can't really imagine the self-absorbedness of some paranoids. I also realise that the subservience part is true. But what some people think about it is also true and for once I do appreciate myself for this little thing about me that I help people minus the selfishness. Why don't some people get it?

Couldn't possibly have another interpretation of the above para. Its an initiative you see!

I have the habit of sounding confused all the time.

here I go again.

Books again. Ta!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

System Failure

Nervous breakdowns, Anxiety..blah blah. College has ended, I just have to go for like 5-6 days for the giving exams and other paper stuff. That's it! I'm not cribbing for the end of college but yeah what lies ahead? I must have said this over and over again but its high time now and I'm almost losing my head, my patience everything.

Lemme not make it seem as if I'm suicidal or something. I'm F-I-N-E.

I finally finished The Kite Runner and I recommend it to all those who haven't read it. It's a must read. Now I have to concentrate on angrejji honors. bah!

Was in Haryana for holi. It was fun-ish. Of course I spent most of the time re-french-tipping my Which I don't usually do. I'm never one of those girls who own a huge make-up box and a huge collection of nail paints and stuff. But sometimes I do like it. I hate growing nails but when I get lazy and don't cut em for a long time I just do them nicely and get over it! I don't even have an eye mascara. Kajal is full stop for me. Even at parties.

Being back in Delhi feels good. I love Delhi. I wish we all had tees that said I love Delhi...hehe...I've gone crazy!

Later. isshttudy time!

Friday, March 14, 2008

All those who love summers...Clap your hands!!
Clap Clap Clap!

Was wanting to change my blog layout for so long and finally found one. It required a lot of hard work..phew

I have still not been able to finish The Kite Runner. I bet I'm one of the slowest readers in the world. But I think leisure reading is supposed to be slow. infact I enjoy reading at slow paces if I wanna enjoy. What fun is it when you buy a novel and finish it in like 2 days. I'd be regretting buying that novel coz after I'd be done with it, it'll just lie and get infested..hehe. I am saying this because once a novel which I had been longing to read was infested with termites. They ate the whole book!!! It was The Inscrutable Americans.

Me and my sis have lately added another 'item' to our shopping lists. Books!!!
We both loooooove shopping!! It's the best stress-buster, time-pass, fun etc etc. (ofcourse the financial needs should match up too. lol)
But we have been buying books and piling them to make our shelves look cute but also we want to read lots of em'. We both have been literature students (ya 'have been'...cuz i'll also be a 'have-been' after a month. whatever!) and so we love the wisdom. I mean whatever sense that could make.

I really have to go chappal shopping now. Summers are back!! Finally I get to be back to the 3/4ths, the tees, the kurtis, anklets and my fav CHAPPALS!!! Now I always wonder - isn't it boring for guys to miss all the fun of dressing up. All they do is jeans, tee and shoes or chappal. end of story! They don't get to innovate. girls have skirts, jeans, 3/4th, kurti and patiala, kolapuri's, accesories, bags, hairbands (which I think looks good only on selective people and soooo not on boys, I just hate when boys wear hairbands, even Abhishek Bachhan looks yuk in it)
But then boys should also innovate in their own way. They should try new things and just make sure they don't end up lookin sissy!

Cheers to Summers!
Try: Lemon Icetea at La Cafe- GK (baap of all Iceteas)
That's why I love summers so much!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

91st Post!

Just read Dipti's Blog. The musical Tag was so much Fun. So I wanted to try it too
All you gotta do is open your winamp, I-tunes, etc and shuffle ur playlist. And every time you read a question keep playing the next tracks and you'll get the answer of your questions.
So here I go...

1. If someone asks, "Is this ok?", you say...?

Mora Saiyan- Fuzon
(Mora Saiyan moh se bole na- huh??)

2. What would best describe your personality?

Kinna Sona - Gunjan
(oh yes! kinna sona mainu rabb ne banaya)

3. What would you like in a guy?

Shine- Booty Luv
(Ya'll came here to give it up So come on and show me what you got It's about to be on baby non-stop Tonight you're gonna get your time to shine...Does make sense)

4. How do you feel today?

Best of Me- Bryan Adams
(and Best of me it issssss!!!)

5. What's your life's purpose?

Californication- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
(Oh well if i see myself as a socially active person then yup this does match up. I heard this song is condemning the deterioration of society..whatever)

6. What's your Motto?

Lukka chhuppi- RDB
(I don't mind playing hide and seek all my life. How convenient!)

7. What do your friends think of you?

Hero- Darren Hayes
('I don't wanna be your hero', only this time I WANNA be your hero. well at least I'm modest. eh??!!)

8. What do you think of your parents?

Bring me to life- Evanescence
(well they did bring me to life)

9. What do you think about very often?

Dupatta Beimaan re
(oookaayyy!! I wonder where the duppatta was in the video??)

10. What is 2+2?

Bhool Bhulaiya (Hare Raam Hare Krishna)
(it sure was back in 1st grade)

11. What do you think of your best friend?

I don't care- Ricky Martin
(That's what it says. heheh)

12. What do you think of a person you like?

Breathe- Anna Nalick
(Life’s like an hourglass glued to the table….
But my god its so beautiful when the boy smiles…Hmmm !!)

13. What is your life's story?

(I love to travel for sure!)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Chup chup ke- Bunty aur Babli
(Well I don't mind being Bunty or Babli till the cops catch me. Being rich is fun!)

15. What do you think when you see the person you like?

Don’t drop the bomb on me- Bryan Adams
(oh suuureeee!!!)

16. What do your parents think of you?

Me against the music- Britney Spears feat Madonna
(umm ok!)

17. What will you dance to at your wedding?

Numb/ Encore- Jay Z/ Linkin Park
( picture me dancing hip hop in a bridal lehenga)

18. What will they play at your funeral?

Marhaba- Janasheen
(I don't mind if you cry and sing this song. hihi)

19. What is your hobby/ interest?

Mann ki Lagan- Paap
(oyee hoyee)

20. What is your biggest secret?

I finally found someone- Bryan Adams and Barbara Streisand
(ahemm anchoo cough cough)

21. What do you think of your friends?

Jiya dhadhak dhadhak jaaye- Kalyug

22. What do you post this as?

Stolen - Jay Sean
(lol. The idea sure is stolen. lol)