Sunday, June 08, 2008

Random Part 2!!!

Been away for the last week to my cousins place. fun it was. Today is MONDAY, Neha n Gaurav are comin back today. Yay!

Its time for some seriousness now. I have to just side-off some things running in my mind for the last 4 months and concentrate on what I need to do- more than what I have to do. I have noticed that 80% of my posts are pessimistic. Umm...ok!

I don't mean to be pessimistic but somehow things pull me away and I'm dull, plain, cranky and low. WHY??? Sometimes I feel I'm the lamest person ever born. ha!! (slap on my face)

I have shopped lately..yayieee! and as soon as I was back home I laid back my cupboard again only coz i have shopped new stuff. It's a girl thing! I have also bought a red nail paint. Its an 'in' thing, though I hate the whole ordeal of growing nails n painting them so I've applied it on my short nails n though they look nightmarish I plan to keep it on. one has to do so much to keep themselves busy.

और बताऊ?

I missed a lot of french open but saw the final at least. Nadal just pounded down Fedex. good but I wanted a GAME!

Wimbledon देखूंगी

I just realised I'm writing Major bakwas so....



D said...



-Random comment for a random post

he he he ..

he ... he...

oh have you ever heard "sudarshan's hasi ke favaarein" on radio mirchie? its so funny hahah

.No One. said...

OMG you went shopping

OMG you bought red nail paint

OMG you would watch french open!


okie, dont hate me!
Sorry :|

Priyanka said...

@ D-

yeahh i listen to it all the time...even the crappiest joke sounds funny in its own way...n esp the way he cracks his voice n speaks...."please call me SUD" "c'mon baby chill!"


@ NO one

OMG OMG I dont hate you!!


I was OMG-ing myself when I wrote!