Monday, December 03, 2007


Computer went bonkers, examz overhead, no-mood-for-internet, blah blah blah....

Y'know whats the height of frustration- now, when you realise that exams are just 5-6 days away and you FINALLY start preparing only to find out they are postponed- shitheads!!!

Its not confirmed but 99% they'll be in Jan...just great!!! ruin your new year and your holidays and your mind!!!!

English lectures have got interesting these days- there's this amazing new teacher who teaches us, the one who everyone has got the hots for!! he he he!!
he ain't a good looking guy or sumthing but theres definitely something in the way he teaches he is just outstanding!!!! he knows EVERY-tiny-THING!!!!
he should have been teaching in Harvard or something, whats he doing in bhagat singh (said with emphasis)....umm not to miss his contagious-comma-killer-comma-wicked smile. lol. (enough Priyanka)

Things had been really messy for me lately, everythings fine now, I'm really happy...
There are still some things left to be thought about..ahh i don't wanna get into all that now- enough's been on me!!

I want this year to end on a 'really' happy note- its the last year of college I have no damn idea what would the next year bring, where would I be and what the hell would I be doing. Suddenly it feels you've been stranded and told to live on your own- ALONE! (psychologically). The tough part begins now. I mean no kidding I'm 20 for god sakes that really means something. ( i know i just can't get enough of the brooding).

Life's getting so sad!