Monday, October 06, 2008

Des-var-lecker (that was yummy!)

It’s good that I share my Uni accommodation with foodies. I really gel well with all of them, good people. Touch wood!!

It was a German food weekend. We had German starters, German main course and German alcohol with loads of German fun. Last weekend was Chinese. Maybe next week is Indian. I am a little lazy, oh boy!

I have become the ‘chana dal’ queen here and I’m gradually starting to cook it just like mom. I made Rainer taste it, the German housemate, he simply loved it. Everybody is curious here about India. Mark,, the Chinese guy, got scared when my pressure cooker whistled that day. Lol. Shine loves me, hehe, she keeps kissing me and keeps saying “Pleeyaanka! I love you”. Ok don’t get any ideas!!! She’s just adorable. Richard is nice as well, he doesn’t talk much.

I miss home a lot, I get so sad when I wonder that I won’t see mom n dad for 1 year. I so wish they come here. I want to go shopping with Neha here, she’ll love the place. Wanna go clubbing with Gaurav. Shit man I miss them!! I miss Kalkaji, Select city walk,, BIG CHILL!!!!

Anyway, I was bored a few days back here so I borrowed this ‘sho-shweet’ movie from a friend, Monster Inc. I hadn’t watched it before so got ma hands on it. Adorable again! Better than all animations I have watched.

It’s late, I have an early lecture tomorrow. So I’ll pack-up. Though this is a word doc as I don’t have 24 hr internet access, I just have to copy paste this file on the blog.

I know!!! I need a life.