Thursday, March 29, 2007


hey have you heard the stupid poem:

Upar pankha chalta hai (duh)
Neeche baby sota hai
sote sote bhookh lagi
khaale beta moongfali (havent u heard of MILK)
moongfali mein dana nahi....
blahblah....etc etc

This a damn funny poem!
Now who the hell feeds a hungry baby a PEANUT??? and guess what its EMPTY!!!

I killed a fly yesterday. Not just killed but brutally assaulted it. Was just ready for sleep and it kept whizzing here and there. Stupid fly!
I can't sleep when something is buzzin here n dere.I had to smash my chappal on it and bingo!
catching a fly is not easy you know!
but after that why did i feel bad???
hmm wonder if i was a fly in my past life???

ok I have got better things to do than dissect nursery rhymes and murder insects!

hey do you know You need a life
-and do YOU know you are speaking a lot these days

Sunday, March 25, 2007


greetings to my fans out there!! *muah muah*
well of course I have fans!
who ever is reading this is my fan!!!.
huh-shhhh...wha-shhhhhhhhhhh....but wh- i said shhhuuu!
no arguments...ur my fan now!!!

hee hee

Now where was I.
ahmm so what am i doing??
I am writing..and typing.. and
*cough* looking good *cough* and I just realised how corny i sound!

exams are just umm
five plus ten...
fifteen days away
and i am still stuck with the stupid Achilles uncle and Helen aunty!

aaa never mind them!
hey my hair grew till my waist u know..well almost..whoopsie!
Shakira performed in mumbai yesterday...uwwwaaaii
whats wrong with coming to delhi huh?
stupid bastards

And i have finally agreed that eminem rocks...took me bloody 3 yrs..i hated him..den i hated him, a lil less, then i started liking him, now i love him!..only his rap i hate his face still!

I've heard Johnny Depp is gonna act with AB in Mira Nair's next flick...yummy!..waiting waiting!

well i'll scram...If You kindly have the courtesy to see the calendar please note its 26th today!
ohh yeah
bye all you ardent fans
*muah muah*
no autographs please!
(kheeeeee feels gud..)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

( no u’ve used this title)
ok Shit-
(used that one too)
ok how bout Crap
(umm doesn’t shit and crap mean the same thing)
umm CONFUSION-yay!! Got one
now plz don’t be philosophical on this piece of garbage-
ok what will u take to shut up
sorry that’s a lil voice at the back of my head-No not my conscience. I don’t talk to my conscience. She’s paranoid!

My Ms-word is screwed up and theres a stupiiid Punjabi song playing on the radio!
I used to love u 95 FM!
fuck don’t play the red lipstick female…aaaa wats her name again yeahh Gwen Stefani…now when will she get over the red lipstick.
Anyways none of my fucking business.
Im bummed
Im actually so bummed that im going through anything on the internet..i just clicked an ad that said download free wallpapers..*raising eyebrows at my stupid self*
Yea I know I should unlock my books…waaaadda hell…
Now nobody in this world knows my datesheet!!! Pfrrrrttt

I just saw the pic we all frnz clicked in college…its soo yukk im half in shame half in laughter bursts..hw can we all look so B-E-A youtiful!!!

I just read neha’s blog…didn’t get a part of it!
Ok the whole part of it!

Woo hoo bryan adams on 95- love you again!!!!
I wish I was a radio jockey!

Someone asked me this question:
Which is the darkest part in your soul?
Will answer when I have one with me!

Ok lets do something!
What something?
Exactly what thing?
Shut up!!!

Yeah I am going don’t smash ur chappals on me!!

oooooo halke halke rang on the radio frm honeymoon travels.....luuuuuuuubbb uuu!!!

halke halkeeee rang chhalke
jaane ab kya hone ko hai
halke halkeeeeeeee..ok m out!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A lotta SHIT!

These days my weekend nights or maybe ANY-day night is spent on my bed studying! in midst of all those 'thou' n 'thou arts' i feel like having a pizza or a cup of coffee and so i get up outta ma bed and crawl through the lobby into the kitchen and i always end up banging onto sumthin and i wake everybody up. whyyy!!!??

That day it was a sweet breeze blowing through my room curtains and I stood at the door with rain sprinkling through it and i came back with a wet shirt. Beautiful! the weather is so awesome these days. Home doesnt feel the place to be...u have to be at a nearby coffee shop with a mug of coffee in ur hand or maybe a hot bowl of maggi!! hmmm

You know the time when you have to study a start loving ur idiot box-you'll watch anything right from those cheezy govinda movies to a scooby doo cartoon ( i luv scooby doo by the way). and that'll actually be a time when star movies will show the worlds wonderful-est movies everyday. and the day ur done with ur examz the idiot box will be AN IDIOT AFTERALL!

I was ever so ready to finallllly start with my twice-attempted-to-begin Play and i saw that the next flick on star movies is Coyote Ugly...i lovvve this flick!!!! and the guy in it..i love him more!

so basically a lotta shit is happenin around...except studying...hehe!

Be good!
'Pink is my Favorite Crayon' - Aerosmith

Friday, March 02, 2007


Want to be a hunter again
Want to see the world alone again
To take a chance on life again
So let me go......
-DIDO (Hunter)

Just Love her for the music she creates. I think she's got a major talent. Love almost alll her songs.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Managing to race up with my novels since a week now. Othello brought back memories of me watching Omkara, Iago reminded me so much of Saif (langda Tyagi) everytime i read his part, Iliad gives me nervous, As you like it is blah!...n lots more phewwwwww! oh sorry to offend you mr shakespeare..but i got one or maybe two questions for you..did you understand what you wrote? or did u die trying to do that???

I went through the FMS (for the braindead its Faculty of Management Studies) website a few days ago, u get to do a written test, if cleared, an extempore n group discussion, if cleared, an interview, if cleared, thats a nervous breakdown too..
so YOUU expect me to clear a test i know nothing about, then comes the fright and more fright. ya ya AUKAT nahi hai..malum hai!!!...but i cant just keep chucking out things like that...with that all i'd be left to do wud be writing blogs about my failure, n then id print out a novel by me which will be a failure again and in an upgraded edition of my novel i'll add it as another failure experience and ....o gawd i can picture my journey..

hey about the fright i was talking about- im reallly scared of group discussions n debates- otherwise i'll keeep blabbbing n sumtimes i blab sense too but on stage or in the aforesaid place i'd be a BUM...
i rememba me having the forced overconfident attitude when i had a debate in school-*stayin alive aa aa aa aa stayin alive* but yea i was dead as i stepped onto the stage. so guys if you want tips i'll give you a book to read-BY ME that is:
oh and a group discussion i took part in.. well it was a group discussion so the group was discussing! how wud it matter if i be the listener in the group or maybe cheer em up..*SPEAK GROUP SPEAK*!!!!
so what about an interview.....aaaaaaa.......who r we talkin bout????

I almost slept in class today with all the *chee pee chee pee*..thats my teacher speaking by the way...
n i got to know that the Bible assignment i did was not required...ok now i wasted a million dollar Bhagat singh sheet for it n now you tell me that its not required.

back to study!