Monday, December 29, 2008



This is one thing I never wanted to happen. My Blog has become so lame, hardly write up and I hardly visit it. Ahh. No, I'm not going to let this happen. I will revamp it and I will keep coming back to it to update it. Yes!!

Maybe it will be changed after this post. Anyways, Sooooo I'm in London, big deal!!! But hey London's cool, all that's missing is people. I don't have anyone to see London with but I've still managed somehow. One can go crazy with shopping here, that is if you're a rich dads kid or if you own the Bank of England. But I shopped, loads of stuff and now I don't have extra bags to carry it all the way to Stirling. I wanna show Neha everything I shopped!!

After been shopping I have realised one thing that I have become a bag-a-holic, i just love bags now. I own 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, oh fuckerrr sevenn bags nowww. shit. But in my defense I had got 3 from India. the last one I bought (ie, today) was H&M and its pink and its cuteee!! I was so chirpyy the entire day. Also I have realized how much I miss Stirling, Lyon Crescent, House 7, House 8....ahhh!! I'm anyways into the whole mode of missing Delhi since almost 3 and a half months now, so I've got used to it but Stirling I never knew I'll miss so much. The day after everybody's last exam we had such a nice time. I miss 'Fix You'.

*sigh* So how is London anyway?? I think I can fill pages writing about the whole 'nitty-gritty' of it but in a nutshell- London's good, I am a liiiiitttle uncomfy with the new people around, And I am not good at new company, I take ages to open up and get into 'conversation'. Meeting Gauravs (jiju) friends Shantanu and Anchal was fun. I am kiiinnnda looking forward for new years eve. I hope I get good drunk so people don't realize I'm there. One more thing, Indian Men (well at least some of them) with hard core British accent seem so gayyy!!! ugh!!

Christmas was great, we had a nice English Christmas dinner and I got loads of gifts, was overwhelmed but hehehehe--greedyy!!! thanks!!

Well, Another 9 days till I get back to Stirling. Another 3 days till I get to Cardiff. I know that later I will be looking back at these days and wondering how time flew but for now I wana get home. I wana be by myself, talk to neha, gaurav, mum n dad nicely. Till then I'm not doing much, just using, no! OVER-using my laptop, actually I need a life coz I'm popping into random peoples profiles. I cant believe I've had such loser friends in my college days, yuck!! How convenient has it become for people to be lame and selfish these days. lol. But I'm happy I have a few good friends with me still.

I guess its getting really long now and I need to find new templates for the blog.

laterrr (soon!!) *what an oxymoron*

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ज़िन्दगी बड़ी होनी चाहिए, लम्बी नहीं!!!

Today I learnt new things about myself. I had my first exam here, I did prepare but it was a disaster, well thats what I think. Anyway, that gone I had newer things to deal with. I talked to Dad and till that moment I had never realised how much I love him. So much that theres no bound, I just love him (this is not new ofcourse but suddenly had this outburst going on). Mom is my sweetheart! I thought of all those times when I used to crib on small things and waste my days, life is so short to live all those moments. Each day something happens which is special. I don't think anyone should waste days.

If I havent still said enough, I wanna say again. I love you Mom and Dad!!!