Thursday, December 20, 2007


Mannn this colddd!!!

My hands are jammmed and m tremblinggg...
Its so weird eh...we all get fed up of delhi summers and wait for december cold and then we want the sun to be back!!..
I love winters but its too lazyy- feel like sittinng in the blanket getting warm..aahhh! dun even feel like gettin up for business...hehehe!!!

I guess the lowest has been 3.2 degree me the chillsss

Anyways it was last day of college today before the winter vacations and exams...gonna hv to tk a break frm all the blogging, internet (tho im not online as often as i used to be 2-3 yrs bak) and start studying hard...its the final yr afteralll!!!
But my stupid college people-- still gotta go on saturday for some form filling stuff....
Got my college sweatshirt..its coool!..will put up a pic of it soon..not too much of a flaunty stuff- its a darn bhagat singh sweatshirt..HA!!! stilll!!!

my hands are frozen now
and my nose!!!