Thursday, October 04, 2007

Arbitrary Deliberations
Looking at some things and wondering why it exists or happens or whatever is ...well..a waste of time. But they make me wonder...and I have personal issues against them, I might sound judgmental...
  1. The whole new MBA deal- it sounds like a pact between two nations or maybe the entire world that start giving MBA in langars to all the people- its the newest trend you know!! My foot!!
  2. Why are we still called "blacks" and "browns"?- The people who discriminate Indians and the like after the British are Aussies- Why don't we call the Aussies TRIBAL PEOPLE?after all thats what Australia is, the British are born Losers so why care for them.
  3. Do you not care for the better of the country?- If Himesh Reshammiya can cover his head, what is the fucking problem with covering his eww*&$@*& chest- for the love of god someone please tell him it doesnt appeal anyone- it doesnt even make anyone think you are a man. He's also stuck up with the word "genuinely"-just count the number of times he says that next time you see him speak.
  4. The next time you see SRK in Om Shanti Om just take care while you be judgemental about him- they are not six pack abs- NO- they are EIGHT PACK ABS. That's just too great an addition to the already *pride of the nation abs*. Man!!
  5. Ricky Ponting looks like Jerry Mouse - the evil version. don't you hate him? ok Maybe you don't but I do with all his Blabbing in the Tribal accent.
  6. Lost is the most amazing series I have ever watched- maybe it is too tied but its amazing. James 'Sawyer' Ford is HOT!!!!
  7. Compromise is an underestimated word.
  8. I think Ranbir Kapoor is going to be good...he is kind-aaaa cute- I was the first person to say for him "bakwaas" but my head took a toll.


"Living is easy with eyes closed"- Charlie's tattoo in Lost.