Monday, August 04, 2008

I have forgotten how to write...

Firstly, I have a huge shortage of time these days. Days run like anything, months fly like anything, I don't want this because time is going to be the most precious thing for me now. I might have to leave this city for my future study and that's painful, I've never lived apart from my family, New Delhi and my home-*makes a puppy face*!!!! But also looking at the lucrative education I'm going to have, it shouldn't bother me much. Anyway, that is also why I am blogging after ages. TIME.

So..... I'm having a little fun of my own these days. All these years of the boring me I decided to change for a bit, that is, for my good!! I'm just waiting to how it works out. Its been so funny for me to know certain things because I knew they were true in a way and now I'm sure they were. Its too ambiguous right now but I can't be more specific than this.

I don't have time for all this too but this is something I want to make happen. Apart from this I have to prepare lists of things, shop a lot etc etc. This is so gloomy. Some of my friends are going away too for study and counting that I'll have three good and old friends who live so far away. Gloomy again. Ugh!! Life doesnt give many good friends and I really want to keep them because friends matter to me.

I'm hungry...

P.S.- I still think people don't understand me.