Saturday, October 11, 2008

Down the line...

I almost complete 1 month here in Scotland and i don't even realise that. I talked to mom n dad that day, they said it seems as if you are gone for ages! For me? well, it seems time literally ran the fastest in my entire life. I have made some friends here and I am purposely not writing 'good' in front of it. Not because they are not good, but only because they are.

I just hope what I say does not change with perception (not necessarily mine). It might sound too soon to say this, but I'll cherish these days always.

I am getting to think these days that sometimes you know something that exists but you never cross your line and get to the core just because you want them to be realised by themselves. hmm! Lemme leave it just about there. I have a fragile mind.

It could be nice, I know that it 'would be'. But sometimes life is complex.