Thursday, December 13, 2007

A pretentious act!

First of all Thanks to

I have won an award, for the first time, for my
blog dated 10th December. the badge is on the right side.

A few acknowledgements (the only non-pretentious part in here)

Prtaik Sir- for pushing us/me to not only think outta the box but outta the world, for inculcating a bona fide way of looking at things, and the most of all respecting literature.

Prof. Subhash Chandra- whose story turned lecture interested me that day.

John Milton's Paradise Lost- in a tiny way

My Phone dictionary which helps me when I'm almost on the verge of drowning myself when I don't even know the basics in Literature during my lectures by professors who at one point of time were expecting 'something' outta us.

Neha- who is highly annoyed by her office environment so I thought she could try it out on her boss.

And those who have tagged me.