Monday, February 04, 2008


Mission succesful!

Thats what the Brownie cake seemed like and it was yum yum!!!

Anyways...lots been happenin lately. My cousins were over frm Mumbai and the whole week it was madness...late nights, open cards, housie....etc etc....
Missing Neha a lot!

Saw this Lindsay Lohan movie...I know who killed me. The effect? I couldn't even remember the name of the movie 2 hrs after watching it. It was pretty decent in the first half but I got lost in the second. Then came the time for a night out with two silent boxes...hmmph. No comments.

I wanna go shopping so bad...I'm rich these days!! hehe and its a sale season too....what else do I need. company!!!!!!! anyone interested????

I'd rather calm down now...and maybe come up with something better to write next time...

*yawn* seeya!!!