Sunday, May 17, 2009

He's an 'it'!!!!

A lot has happened between this post and the previous one, which I really can not open up here, I will need a private post for that. But anyway, about the title. It came up when me and my housemates were having lunch a couple of days back in the hall, taking out free time out of our exams, and we were looking at Mark's (the Chinese guy) class picture. He was so upset with exams and his professor that when I asked who's he, he said, Noo he's not a he, he's an 'it'. I wondered for two minutes but then I laughed out loud with the immense sense that he had just made., somehow. At times he is just too funny and the way he speaks is just too typical of Chinese people speaking English. But he's a sweet guy.

The other day he was teaching me all the bad words in Chinese, hehe. So he goes what do you call a 'hybrid human' in Hindi??? And I am like what the hells a hybrid human, haha. But aah it was a scientific term for a 'छक्का' hahahah!!!

I am still working on my new blog, which will come up in a few days, it is also going to be a little related to my course so if u get bored, don't blame me. I have indeed become a little lame in writing ever since I have come here. Also, my term is going to end in another 3 and a half months from now, then I am going back home....yay!!!!!!!!! but also I will miss this place, sob sob. i just have tooooo many memories here. It has been the best year of my life i guess.

I'll save some stuff for later.