Thursday, March 01, 2007


Managing to race up with my novels since a week now. Othello brought back memories of me watching Omkara, Iago reminded me so much of Saif (langda Tyagi) everytime i read his part, Iliad gives me nervous, As you like it is blah!...n lots more phewwwwww! oh sorry to offend you mr shakespeare..but i got one or maybe two questions for you..did you understand what you wrote? or did u die trying to do that???

I went through the FMS (for the braindead its Faculty of Management Studies) website a few days ago, u get to do a written test, if cleared, an extempore n group discussion, if cleared, an interview, if cleared, thats a nervous breakdown too..
so YOUU expect me to clear a test i know nothing about, then comes the fright and more fright. ya ya AUKAT nahi hai..malum hai!!!...but i cant just keep chucking out things like that...with that all i'd be left to do wud be writing blogs about my failure, n then id print out a novel by me which will be a failure again and in an upgraded edition of my novel i'll add it as another failure experience and ....o gawd i can picture my journey..

hey about the fright i was talking about- im reallly scared of group discussions n debates- otherwise i'll keeep blabbbing n sumtimes i blab sense too but on stage or in the aforesaid place i'd be a BUM...
i rememba me having the forced overconfident attitude when i had a debate in school-*stayin alive aa aa aa aa stayin alive* but yea i was dead as i stepped onto the stage. so guys if you want tips i'll give you a book to read-BY ME that is:
oh and a group discussion i took part in.. well it was a group discussion so the group was discussing! how wud it matter if i be the listener in the group or maybe cheer em up..*SPEAK GROUP SPEAK*!!!!
so what about an interview.....aaaaaaa.......who r we talkin bout????

I almost slept in class today with all the *chee pee chee pee*..thats my teacher speaking by the way...
n i got to know that the Bible assignment i did was not required...ok now i wasted a million dollar Bhagat singh sheet for it n now you tell me that its not required.

back to study!