Monday, March 08, 2010

Be Positive!!! ya right!

I remember that day clearly when my 3rd year at Delhi University was about to end. My final term was almost there, I was totally hysterical because I needed to score a good percentage and I needed a plan! Unlike most people, or maybe LIKE most people I had never known what I am going to be when I grow up. I used to say I'll be Steffi Graph at one point of time. LOL. I also remember saying I want to be a Receptionist. God I was so ambitious.

So me and dad sat down thinking and he told me to go ahead with the course at this Scottish University which seemed amazingly apt to what I wanted to do in life. Now all I needed was a good percentage!

I had got my result and the ecstasy I had in my mind was limitless because I was going to UK !!! Uni was cool in Scotland but after that 1 and a half years of staying here, the same ecstasy has died! I don't get it-- what is so good about UK? especially for an Indian? you go out, you find the same people but just behaving retarded (In my dictionary: Indians who behave British are retarded) and if you're lucky you'll see a couple of Gora people somewhere in the crowd who look as if they are tourists in their own country. So, I get back to my question: what is so great about UK?

So what am I doing here, If these are my thoughts!??! To be honest, there are some things you get used to here and you like it, but that's not my point. I love some certain specific things about this place, but details later.

I am here because I paid this country loads of money on my overpriced study and then my overly-overpriced Visa. So I am not going back until they return my money. I am an Indian for God sake!

Random Fact: Do you know if Indian students don't come here, half of these Gora's wont even get their salaries...poor people.

I think this is what unemployment does to me....