Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A lot is going to changed from now on, it'll reflect in here as well. I really have to leave Delhi in another month and I'm going to experience a new world out there. I'll miss home.

I don't really want to get sad right now so I'm not writing any details. Anyway, a lot has already changed as from the past few weeks I have realised few things in life which I should have realised like years ago, but better later than never ( I don't have a better one liner than this lame one so chipka diya). Though I did something to deal with it but felt guilty just in a second. That's the problem with me, I can't be a bitch! I dunno if I'm really complimenting myself or something here but ya that's the truth! So things have been dealt, my way!

If I really start penning down what the whole 'maajra' was, I'm sure if not Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor would run for a script like this. But I really can't because this is not a private blog! And maybe I was overreacting as well on the whole thing because I seriously don't have space for all this. People can be so deceptive you know! I somehow feel that I end up doing right things at the wrong time and wrong things at the right time... phew!

Chalo jaane do...

I felt reallly bad for one of my good friend yesterday, she was hoping to get through Manchester University and really excited as well but something happened at the last moment and she has to wait when there's no time left. I hope she gets through and goes as well. Godbless!

I feel like changing my blog for a bit, now that my mind has eased free from the whole tension-oriented month. People tell me very often that I take too much tension. hmm maybe. I feel real bad when people are not happy with me. I curse myself then. *giggle*

I am not exactly bored by the look of my blog but I like change. I'll go find some stuff to entertain myself.