Sunday, March 25, 2007


greetings to my fans out there!! *muah muah*
well of course I have fans!
who ever is reading this is my fan!!!.
huh-shhhh...wha-shhhhhhhhhhh....but wh- i said shhhuuu!
no arguments...ur my fan now!!!

hee hee

Now where was I.
ahmm so what am i doing??
I am writing..and typing.. and
*cough* looking good *cough* and I just realised how corny i sound!

exams are just umm
five plus ten...
fifteen days away
and i am still stuck with the stupid Achilles uncle and Helen aunty!

aaa never mind them!
hey my hair grew till my waist u know..well almost..whoopsie!
Shakira performed in mumbai yesterday...uwwwaaaii
whats wrong with coming to delhi huh?
stupid bastards

And i have finally agreed that eminem rocks...took me bloody 3 yrs..i hated him..den i hated him, a lil less, then i started liking him, now i love him!..only his rap i hate his face still!

I've heard Johnny Depp is gonna act with AB in Mira Nair's next flick...yummy!..waiting waiting!

well i'll scram...If You kindly have the courtesy to see the calendar please note its 26th today!
ohh yeah
bye all you ardent fans
*muah muah*
no autographs please!
(kheeeeee feels gud..)