Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Priyanka's Cooking Spree

DAY 1: Made Garlic Bread at masi's place: was Good

DAY 2: Made Omelets, again at Masi's place, was good but my 14 yr old cousin was better than me

DAY 3: Baked a brownie cake, yet again at Masi's place (I still have home by the way), was yum but the next day my cousin made it too, so umm my charm is lost y'know.LOL

DAY 4: Cooked Pasta, at HOME, It was awful- looked like भरता, tasted like पोहा comments

DAY 5: Tried making Ice tea, *yucky face*, now I'll buy the Nestle make home ice tea pack!!

mmm whats in store tomorrow???