Sunday, March 23, 2008

System Failure

Nervous breakdowns, Anxiety..blah blah. College has ended, I just have to go for like 5-6 days for the giving exams and other paper stuff. That's it! I'm not cribbing for the end of college but yeah what lies ahead? I must have said this over and over again but its high time now and I'm almost losing my head, my patience everything.

Lemme not make it seem as if I'm suicidal or something. I'm F-I-N-E.

I finally finished The Kite Runner and I recommend it to all those who haven't read it. It's a must read. Now I have to concentrate on angrejji honors. bah!

Was in Haryana for holi. It was fun-ish. Of course I spent most of the time re-french-tipping my Which I don't usually do. I'm never one of those girls who own a huge make-up box and a huge collection of nail paints and stuff. But sometimes I do like it. I hate growing nails but when I get lazy and don't cut em for a long time I just do them nicely and get over it! I don't even have an eye mascara. Kajal is full stop for me. Even at parties.

Being back in Delhi feels good. I love Delhi. I wish we all had tees that said I love Delhi...hehe...I've gone crazy!

Later. isshttudy time!