Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Dusk and the Dawn

A window slightly open, a long glass of juice, despite the crappy cold, my hands smelling of lemon after the dishwash and here I am listening to an unknown song but loving it at the same time. It’s been long since I felt a sudden rush inside me, today is the day, maybe because I am alone and maybe because of something that paid me a visit unexpectedly. By visit I mean ‘in my mind’.


This something makes me write this way, obscured and blurred but also coming out exactly the way I want it to. At times I am okay with the whole idea of not speaking words that touch me deep down inside (deep deep down). There are some wishes I crave for, no bounds!

Today, there were some things said and I still behaved they were unheard, because it takes me back to square one. “I don’t wanna run away, I don’t wanna be alone”. I don’t know if all of this is making me sense but that is how I feel today.

When at times I look at the sun, I feel happy for the brightness but here I miss sunshine, I really do! From dusk till dawn, it’s all the same-glum! Trying to settle here and make a space comfortable for myself. I wish I stay happy here.

Happy sunshine to all those back in India.

P.S. - It’s really hard when someone comes and says ‘I miss you’.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Heart of Scotland!

The day I reached this little county of Stirling, I freaked out and cried for almost 1 hour cribbing to have made such a crappy decision of studying so far off. The plane journey was nice; it almost made me overcome my fear (a lil bit), landing at London was nicer, then I got lost in the beauty when I took the drive from Edinburgh airport to Stirling. But I knew something is going to go wrong man!

The place is undoubtedly a heaven on earth, but it’s so damn quiet that the silence nearly kills you. I went up to my room and lost control, I wanted to run away as soon as possible. But then I heard some voices and I figured it was Hindi. I found almost 20-30 neighbours who are Indians and they’re all wonderful people. Then I gained a little strength to bear what I was about to tour.

So all the anxiety over, the University has took off, it’s an amazing campus and doesn’t really look like a college, it’s more of a cafĂ©. I had my first induction interview with the course director, it went real well. I am eager to start with my classes which push off this Monday. It gets really exciting to live in a cottage and make your own food, do all the household chores. We go ‘Ration’ shopping together and we walk like 4 kms everyday. Phew! And everyday after dinner we guys make a point to meet up in someones house and chat since theres no other mode of entertainment left for any of us. Its fun!

I don’t’ really have internet at home but would soon get one but the campus is wi-fi and it’s easy to access internet in between lectures. We have a new fundoo way of learning here. Everythings online and that includes our lectures as well. Looking forward to all these new techno stuff.

So, everythings back on track and will write-up back soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Its time to say goodbye to New Delhi, to India, just for a while. Its so damn hard that I have been avoiding the whole ordeal to think about it. And I am putting my head into nonsensical things like Doomsday by LHC that has been buzzing around. I know nothing would happen, but I'm just thinking to keep my mind off other stuff. By the way according to India TV, Doomsday should have already happened. I sometimes feel like slapping that news channel, they create an unnecessary panic.

Hmm, so in 2 days from today I'll be in another country, actually in the plane ( I hate the idea of it too). Im going 'Phoren'. yay! Some padosi aunties were curious so they asked me beta kahan jaa rahe ho, I said Scotland UK...and they made confused faces wondering if I was going to two places at the same time.

Anyway, the news channels are going crazy with Doomsday news, I have heard so many dates when the world will end or was about to end. I think God will also get confused now. We know the certainty of our death is same every year, 1 in 365, what we don't know is the exact day. So we should all CHILL! We will only die when we overcome death. I actually saw this one some random forum so blabbed it out.

Otherwise in plain words, we are all too busy to die!

So saying goodbye to family and friends and all bloggers!
I'll catch up back soon.


Friday, September 05, 2008

The 3 Mistakes of my life

I am reading this novel by Chetan Bhagat these days, and I am almost on the verge of finishing it. Its a fast read and pretty OK. I can call it good I think.

Chetan Bhagat has this whole flavour to his novels, I would always wanna wait for his next novel. This one is better than 'One night at a call centre' but not as good as "Five point Someone', but its still a good read. I think the way he writes stuff, he knows what people would wanna read so that makes his novels 'readable'. Sweet!

I don't think I have had any 3 mistakes in my life, well umm have obviously done stuff that has not been inside the jurisdiction of being 'right' but then I don't think I'd call em Mistakes big enough to freak me out. Crap, I have been such a Sharif ass till now! heh heh

Talking of novels, I did start reading 'Piece of cake' in between, but I had just given it up and then couldn't really pick it up again. So now this and the next one is a classic- Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the wind'. Its a fat book, so will keep me involved for a long time period.

I wanna read Jane Eyre again. I have forgotten what it was all about.

later (listenin to Roop tera Mastana- hehe cute song)