Monday, March 23, 2009


Roobaru Roshni!!!!!!!!!! ( I don't know why I wrote this title)

Ha, another post, late late late....crap!!

Anywayy, well the weather is getting so awesome here, touch wood!! love the sun....Ive been shopping as is if the world is in recession because I have stolen their money....bad liner but thats what i am doing..ugh!!

The other day I was in M&S, checking out some shoes (awesome by the way, just a lil ahead of budget) so I was wearing em and loving myself in the mirror, so this old lady (very cute) walked up and said, they look fabulous!!!! I smiled and said thank you, she said, well...some years ago I used to run around in them when I was young, enjoy them all you can!!!! I smiled and sat thinking (No I still did not buy them) and wondered how life is running. We are all indeed waiting for Godot!!!!!! Why is life so short???

Otherwise, Life is the same, I am dying to get back home, just wanna chill and enjoy the free 2 months I am ever going to get now, coz then begins the tough hard life with hours and hours of slogging and getting paid for it (well thats one consolation) and then the whole life will be spent doing that! Why IS life so short????

We have had some awesome partying in the last 2-3 weeks and I am sure next week is on since its Gautams birthday. I so wanna chill here and enjoy my time to the most before I start into the slogging mode. I wanna freak out!!!! but I also desperately need a job....!!! phew

But most importantly, people who are reading this I seriously need your help. if anyone is interested in being interviewed by me for my dissertation for a short time please leave a comment and your details where I can contact you, email or telephone. Pretty please!!!!!

Anyway, short blog, useless in a way also nonsense but what a relief....I'll write another one soon....its about some shhhhh people here.....they get on my nerves...JLT...nuthin much though...