Monday, September 17, 2007

Too long...

My number of blogs have got reduced or sumthin...n its been really long since i wrote the last one.
Anyways, lots been happening...with me, with others, with sum ppl i dun bother about and some whom i dun give a*you know what*. I don't understand why people really care so much to bother others when their own life is nuthin but a huggggeee JEEERO..heh heh
and i dun really wanna make them 'influenced' by wasting time and writing bout em in the blog, MY blog, want em to go jump in the lake by the way.
No, really!
But I just wonder what's into people these days- why do they .....ah..chuck it, whats worth 2 pence shudnt be talked abt.

Well, and I'm not in a mood to abuse right now. Feeling a li'l obtused...staying inside the charmed circle of life, stuck on with being stupid. Everyone's a little..ok, a lot pissed with me these days. "what did I do?"

Doesn't Matter.

Got a haircut lately, kinda like it- now ma hair is somewhat short- it gave me some change after 7 yrs of having long monotonous hair.
Went clubbing too back last week -i guess- was in a good mood that day- atleast- but those neurotic people closed down music at 12:30...ha

Went out to a nice restaurant at pandara but I was feeling a li'l flown so din really eat nicely, which i regret by the way- n now i wish i could go n eat there- good food...yummiezz

So do i feel better?
I guess!- writing has always helped me
but maybe not this time-
ah umm maybe it did
er, hmph I don't know...

Its the I'm-a-little-crazy-Priyanka Phase on!!!