Wednesday, February 21, 2007


im 80% cool, 80% trustable, 70% sexyyy......haaaaaah...TAUHEEEN!!!!
anyways...m stilll CHEKKKCHI!! boo-you!

i saw finding nemo twice yesterday...i luv the blue fishie DORY in it!!!...i luv animations..madagascar tops the charts!!!..king julian n marge!..its chooo chweet!

college is a lil hectic with finishing up the course...i reallllly have to study...i mean seriousllyyy!!...i need to realise im gonna hav exams in like a month...wake up u!!
its crazy when i think whats my future, i have to work n earn dude! its like a jigsaw puzzle with like a dozen pieces missing. i really wanna get bak to the stupid question of what am i gonna be when i grow up? i used to say i will be steffi graff..hehe i was 5 bak then.but on a serious note ...really!!! can i..please!
i promise i'll play gud and win those silver plates!
i really was fascinated with tennis since i was a kiddo..i wonder why dint i give it a try...not like i hate studying..i really want to...but wat??...hmmmph...

heyyyy its world cup sooon...GO INDIA GO!!!!!!...its so much fun watching india play.. with me n dad cheering up!!..dads a great critic though..!....yuppie yuppie!

lunch time yay!!..