Wednesday, January 31, 2007



before i write this blog down id like some uselful info to be told to the people who read my blogs...
first of all if u really have something to say to me abt my blog u better comment...dont send me crappy scraps on orkut by sayin "u seem to be moved by big boss". whats ur damn problem if i am!! i think ur quite moved by my blog!!!
second of all sending me scraps wont make me talk to to you! so GET a LIFE...thats L-I-F-E to be precise cuz i think you might have not heard it quite often!
some chu-chu people we have on orkut...well i think whoever in the world u the first and the last para of that blog and then go in front of the mirror and slap urslef! u deserve it!

Skipping back to the memories of my vacation!! calm yet so much fun!!
though a lil bit of feelings set apart! (dont destroy ur brain by thinkin too much on dis particular line thats a lil sumthin for myself)
from the slim streets of bangkok to the open spaces of pattaya i cherished each moment which is trapped in a realm of the memory side of my brain! it is all so nice
shoppers paradise and lovers paradise!

Spend a wonderful time there only to get back to Kolkata airport where i see the "indian-ess". i know i might say a few words against my country. It'll be just truth!..if anyone gets disgusted by it...go wash ur face!
its just like when u want to remember gud things bad things happen...thats exactly my experience at the domestic terminal of kolkata airport as we had a connecting flight back to delhi!
first of all we had to wait for 6 long hours at the shitty airport terminal in front of the "foolon ki dukan" (lol yes thats what it was). and at the baggage check-in we get to waste time bacause the typical bribe hungry policeman wanted a lil treat for himself as he saw the scotch in our had to seal the bag just to make sure nothing goes wrong. then we see this CHANDALIKA policewomen (a typical big mouthed BONG AUNTY) for those who feel repudiated by me at this line..i dont think i'll apologize because i intend to repudiate you!!!
she spoke as if she owned the world. swear to god its a shameful sight to see the attitude of police in our country, its not defamed cuz of nothing.. i think it deserves it! the whole country is a mix "sabji" of corruption and corruption and corruption... did i mention corruption???
then i see a firang who is roaming here and there in search of his lost- oh wait- STOLEN handbag!!! what a beautiful impression of our country (Jai Hind!).
Man what a "Kachra" of my trip!!!
and wait theres more to come!
Air deccan (or is it air dhakkan). now people its the most beautiful flight iv ever...EVER come across in my life. that i dont want to travel in it again!! u see its so cleann that one doesnt wish to sit on the seat. he'd rather sit on the floor! (oh by the way for the braindead- sarcasm intended here)

And i want to sue the ticketing manager because he's been letting some passengers fly free in it. not fair. about a thousand "machhars" flew free from kolkata to delhi in the air dhakkan!!!
not fair!!!! they should pay too....!

well "Phew" was the world when i landed to delhi..u cant expect anything out of that flight! LOSERS!
believe me if ur travelling by plane beware of two things: one KOLKATA AIRPORT and two AIR DECCAN!! shit is what they both are! this is the warning for you guys..!! if uve booked some tickets for this flight cancel them as u will be shocked to see the service! or if u want to know the defintion of a poor flight...go for it!!! enjoy the bumpy ride..they play music too in the plane and thats the sound of some loose spare part that goes "patarr-patarr" as you're in flight!

a serious note:
if anyone associated with air deccan reads this (which is like .0001% chance) please help out this airline its sick!!!!!!!
and to the govt. i say: making those religious advertisements and gloomy videos of lanky palces in India wont help..neither would ur never ending speeches help...make a difference from the citizen point of view! (though its useless to write it but just incase..if i could be the one to upstart anything let it be)

and again i say: if any bloody creature feels that im being oversmart or whatever bullshit u want to throw on me....please keep ur thoughts to urself because u'll be the gud for nothing citizen of this good for nothing country!! but if u really want to add any viewpoints ur free to comment!