Thursday, June 14, 2007

Campus RJ- or whatever!!!

Well that title wasn't actually supposed to be sarcastic but i dunno why i wrote it
Anyways the big thing(?) is that I was on air today fr like a minute- the bigger thing is how i fared in the studio
Gawd!!- I have this huge stage fright, i fumble i go mum n what not!!- been embaressed in school a lotta times, though this was a lot different than a stage- it was much more intimidating
See for yourself- a huge mic, a hugeee equipment, and the AC was freezing me to death- I was so nervous (M not like that) - made a joke outta me i think but still couldnt help it- m not a pro u kno. And who listens to radio one after all!!! (thats so cheap of me..hehe)
It wasn't anything big-
yes it was!
no it wasnt!!
yes it was!
NO it wasnt!!
(Maybe it was.n m goin crazy probably)

I got a li'l pissed too when I entered Radio One office today- when i travel miles i expect acknowledgment n no shit like its over!!!!! (hate it-was red with anger, i went to college splly to hav sumthin to sayy on air n i cant accept shittttt-NO WAY)

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (major mood swings by the way!!)
I got over my lost wallet....know how?????
An angel in disguise calls me up and tells me he found it n i can collect it frm him!!! (woo hoo yipeeee)
luckkkkkkkyyy day...luckyyy me!!