Sunday, May 06, 2007

A pinch of fun with lots of love around!!!

Weekend rocked, wud have rocked a li'l more if the DJ wud hv been a li'l crazier in mixin the songs. But nevermind!

It all began with a sexxxxyyyy haircut, with a 5 star customer service....felt guuuhd!!!..Im loving myself now....the mirror loves me too, it shows me beautiful.
ok enough!
But i felt guuuuud!!

And then Dublinnn whoopie. whoopie. came bak around 4 in d morn.

Watched Blood diamond on dvd next day. Awesome flick.

Sumwhere in between i ate a chocolate truffle cake too! yummmm

The fun had its own way in making me happy but what was more important was the love around.
When I was bout to sleep yesterday I had a tear in my eye. I know how hard things become at times. But i was really overwhelmed and happy with the people around me and I just realised if i cud ever be half gud of what neha and gaurav are to me. I'll try my best!- well emotions emotions!

Not in a very emotional mood rite now so it wud seem as if im desperately tryin to say wat i just did but i seriously mean it...

I love you guys!!

I danced after soooo longg...n so wholeheartedly!!!

yesterday was fun too...a sunday i always want!....cuzins at home- nice time spent!

Mom's a gud cook!!!!

That reminds me i shud have breakfast....tata!