Thursday, March 15, 2007

( no u’ve used this title)
ok Shit-
(used that one too)
ok how bout Crap
(umm doesn’t shit and crap mean the same thing)
umm CONFUSION-yay!! Got one
now plz don’t be philosophical on this piece of garbage-
ok what will u take to shut up
sorry that’s a lil voice at the back of my head-No not my conscience. I don’t talk to my conscience. She’s paranoid!

My Ms-word is screwed up and theres a stupiiid Punjabi song playing on the radio!
I used to love u 95 FM!
fuck don’t play the red lipstick female…aaaa wats her name again yeahh Gwen Stefani…now when will she get over the red lipstick.
Anyways none of my fucking business.
Im bummed
Im actually so bummed that im going through anything on the internet..i just clicked an ad that said download free wallpapers..*raising eyebrows at my stupid self*
Yea I know I should unlock my books…waaaadda hell…
Now nobody in this world knows my datesheet!!! Pfrrrrttt

I just saw the pic we all frnz clicked in college…its soo yukk im half in shame half in laughter bursts..hw can we all look so B-E-A youtiful!!!

I just read neha’s blog…didn’t get a part of it!
Ok the whole part of it!

Woo hoo bryan adams on 95- love you again!!!!
I wish I was a radio jockey!

Someone asked me this question:
Which is the darkest part in your soul?
Will answer when I have one with me!

Ok lets do something!
What something?
Exactly what thing?
Shut up!!!

Yeah I am going don’t smash ur chappals on me!!

oooooo halke halke rang on the radio frm honeymoon travels.....luuuuuuuubbb uuu!!!

halke halkeeee rang chhalke
jaane ab kya hone ko hai
halke halkeeeeeeee..ok m out!!