Sunday, June 24, 2007

Just another blog!

My phone has got some stupid problems- the handsfree don't connect, the charger has to be hit twice so it starts working!!! I love my phone though- Don't want to get it damaged anyhow!

Anyways I have started reading "To Kill a Mockingbird"-by Harper Lee. The beginning was head twisting but now that i'v read it a li'l bit its turning out to be a book i wanna "Finish"...

I never read novels in my life- whenever i started to read any either I would yawn 3 or 4 times and shut it or keep on reading till I realised I didn't know what was I doing!!

But the first books I DID finish was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone followed by the Chamber of Secrets, then came Azkaban and my interest died- the era of unfinished books began again!!!

So I never really "LOVED" Potter series though i did manage to read the first two then it was all stupid- sorry to any Rowling fan out there!

Now that I've ended up being a literature student, quite contrary to what i portrayed myself in the aforesaid para's, so reading is now a part of my life, and i have indeed enjoyed some novels in my course! I want to read "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini now after i get done with mockingbird!
I even wanna read "Going to school in India" by Lisa Heydlauff- i have never seen a beautiful book than this, its been lying with me since 4 years and i haven't read it- stupid me!
Anyways I have officially become a film club member in the india habitat centre- just to explore what doc's and movies can enlight one with!
moreover i get to go to eatopia more often- i loved the tandoori chicken sandwich i had today!!!!!!! *sluuuurrrpppp*

Radio one is dead for a while (as in with me, not technically). They say I'll get a recording but forget it for days!!! *sigh*

chalo bye!
What happens if Usher and a "lungi" mix

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mindless blogging with provocative shit

Throughout life I haven’t really figured out a day when I’m really making sense. I might not be doing that RIGHT NOW, But sometimes Bullshit makes sense too.
What does the world need? A good amount of attitude, a good deal of false happiness and pride that makes THEM think they own the world or maybe just a li’l useless time to make them do all that’s nothing but worthless.
What is it with making a public blog and showing the world that you got talent- My FOOT! A li’l words here, a li’l words there- twist the language-use intricate words- basically don’t make sense and VOILA!!!- You are a wonderful writer. Oh –No WAIT- I wrote a poem that doesn’t make sense actually BUT it’s good!!!- what shame you’re not famous!!!! *two minute silence*
Literature (my subject) is something worthwhile- I know it’s the most boring thing to do but I like it and I respect what Shakespeare or Donne or other people have been doing. During Exams I can’t give the loudest voice for a “SHEEET” and wait for the world to look at me because I did a Nobel-prize winning deed. Oh gawdd she filled like what 10 sheets (extra)- what!!!… did you write in like an extra bold font or you wrote the story of rang de basanti in it?
The word sarcasm wasn’t really popular you know and now some people who have just known its meaning for like a day brag about it. Being sarcastic is Not a boon you losers- it isn’t actually “social”.

That’s what Biggies do as well- what’s different is that they just speak shit, as if it is all overconfident self-righteous wisdom. The attentive listeners keep making their eyes as tiny as a chink just to make the speaker more confident of his screech-uh sorry-SPEECH. Ahem. Ya I know you have placed your name somewhere in the realm of fame (as you call it) but you are no celebrity dude!

You know- when people actually refer to their friend-celebrity as “down to earth”, I can bet that they are the most high flown tempered people.

Ah it was yet another day when I don’t know if I made sense.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why doesn't this silly template have a title option!!!

I was wet in the rain yesterday after soooooooooooooooooooo long...feltt soo good!
Had almost forgotten how the rain felt.

Was in college yesterday met some people, talked, explored....then went to barista (alone) i chaatofied the whole "indian express"- waited for anchal. then went to village cafe- nice time, good music!

The weather is sooo AAASUM- Makes me hear all oldies with a cup of coffee in hand....hmmm

Haridwar trip was cool, went for a safari as well- the roads were beautiful, nice way- but coudnt see anything except peacocks and deers in it. But have never been to a forest so it was amazing. The water was so cold there so it took me like an hour to actually put my feet in it. i love the "chhap chhap" stuff..heehee.

My results are gonna be out in like a month- shit scared- fuck hw did my exams go??- damn it!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Campus RJ- or whatever!!!

Well that title wasn't actually supposed to be sarcastic but i dunno why i wrote it
Anyways the big thing(?) is that I was on air today fr like a minute- the bigger thing is how i fared in the studio
Gawd!!- I have this huge stage fright, i fumble i go mum n what not!!- been embaressed in school a lotta times, though this was a lot different than a stage- it was much more intimidating
See for yourself- a huge mic, a hugeee equipment, and the AC was freezing me to death- I was so nervous (M not like that) - made a joke outta me i think but still couldnt help it- m not a pro u kno. And who listens to radio one after all!!! (thats so cheap of me..hehe)
It wasn't anything big-
yes it was!
no it wasnt!!
yes it was!
NO it wasnt!!
(Maybe it was.n m goin crazy probably)

I got a li'l pissed too when I entered Radio One office today- when i travel miles i expect acknowledgment n no shit like its over!!!!! (hate it-was red with anger, i went to college splly to hav sumthin to sayy on air n i cant accept shittttt-NO WAY)

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (major mood swings by the way!!)
I got over my lost wallet....know how?????
An angel in disguise calls me up and tells me he found it n i can collect it frm him!!! (woo hoo yipeeee)
luckkkkkkkyyy day...luckyyy me!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


dont hv time to elaborate shit so m gonna jus rush in...i wanted to write so badly...

lost almost a grand mannn......booooo hoooo
goin to haridwar tomorrow so hopin fr gud..
*sniff sniff*
miss you

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Fuck Hell--> my immediate reaction when I came to know I missed my first recording...
I had a smile on my face but I was pissed off as well, mixed emotions you know.

Anyways I will get a call soon- as the Rj its cool!!

Mom and Tennis...
It's Roland Garros time!! I love watching Tennis, a few years back I didn't even know the T of Tennis...all I knew was that there was something called a miniature clue to why was it there in the game but it existed.
Now I know Everything from T to the S of it, so I love the game. It's Fun!!
Y'kno whats more fun...watching it with mom, she loves the game too but she has her interests in the cute blue and pink frocks of Sharapova and Vaidisova.
Yesterday during Hewitt's and Nieminen's match she saw Nieminen n said "aye haye chua sa lag raha hai!!!!" and then saw Hewitt n said "isko to chaar din se khaana nahi mila!!!" loll
She likes Federer!!--me too!!

The Sane Nonsense...
Anyways I'm gonna be Back to college tomo again being the reporter comma radio one campus Rj...I hope its a better weather man, the sun is sooo happily shining these days!!!

I made a nice friend frm the lot of campus Rj's...hoping she isn't like "others"...but there was one thing common among us- we both want to be independent from the shadows of those who call us our friends but aren't actually!
And you know what, Just be what you are, be the one you are proud of being, be independent, be confident of being alone, because one day you'll be stranded-you'll have nowhere to go and that'll be the day You will be Your best friend- It might have happened in your life, It might still happen in your life- Learn to be alone, become good, no, great friends with yourself.

Profundity- I have lived almost 20 yrs of my life- had amazing friends, good friends, nice friends and even ones who i can say i was in a diplomatic friendship with, but I am still not confident enough to call anyone my ultimate BEST friend- I am not exactly complaining- I love my Life, and I live it happily. I Don't abide by the maxim of a best friend, I think that one has him/her eventually!!

ah well- it really is easy to speak shit isn't it!!!

~*~added 16 minutes later~*~
Coincidence: On Orkut
Today's fortune:
He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals

Friday, June 01, 2007

No you don't mean nothing at all to me!!!

*You either got it
Or you don't
You either stand or you fall*

-Say it right...Nelly Furtado
Loving this dese days, amazing beats!

Anyways the radio thingy is going okay these days, liked the studio - met lotsa ppl from lotsa colleges - some ver cool enough to have a chat with, some not so much!
going to college is fun and lame at once- fun coz its gud to get insider news n stuff n report n shit but lame cuz college mein "na banda na bande ki jaat"... Shaheeeeed bhagat singh
But still i'm liking it- N i dun care a shit that its in hindi!!! gimme a goddam break yaar!

know whats wierd- radio one keeps tuned in at home now (hv no clue why)-umm not tht its a bad station but never heard it so devotionally ever before (no hard feelings by the way)... The Rj was cool enough, what was the most elevating thing was I'd get to go to parties (you know free fun, free food, free dancing--- what the fuck FREE BOOZE MAN!!!-aherrmm m a gud gurl okay *fluttering eyes*) but will have to wait n see whether that was a saying or they really meant it.

I noticed one thing, does it reallly matter what college you are from- does it???
Does a Hindu Or a Stephen give you your Guts or does it give you a brand? Or does it remain oblivious to the fact that you spent 3 yrs in it n no one even cares.
I hate when people note the minute things in life and forget who they really are, who cares if you wear goddam cheapest of clothes but have a smart million dollar mind- i say no intelligence, when i say smart i mean smart, i mean dont-ya-mess-with-ME mind

Anyways here i hear furtado again 5th time in a row (that's the problem with me I hear a good song so much in one day that then it starts piercing my ears n i don't play it for long.)
uh sorry its the 6th!