Saturday, June 16, 2007

Why doesn't this silly template have a title option!!!

I was wet in the rain yesterday after soooooooooooooooooooo long...feltt soo good!
Had almost forgotten how the rain felt.

Was in college yesterday met some people, talked, explored....then went to barista (alone) i chaatofied the whole "indian express"- waited for anchal. then went to village cafe- nice time, good music!

The weather is sooo AAASUM- Makes me hear all oldies with a cup of coffee in hand....hmmm

Haridwar trip was cool, went for a safari as well- the roads were beautiful, nice way- but coudnt see anything except peacocks and deers in it. But have never been to a forest so it was amazing. The water was so cold there so it took me like an hour to actually put my feet in it. i love the "chhap chhap" stuff..heehee.

My results are gonna be out in like a month- shit scared- fuck hw did my exams go??- damn it!